MainLine Magazine: 10 Ways to Achieve Your Personal Best in 2017

Wasted Talent. Sadly, I see it every day in the business I’m in.

When I hear about how troubling the workplace has become, and specifically the toxic cultures and environments some people work in, I get knots in my stomach. As a resume writer and career counselor, I often find myself serving as a trusted confidante and advisor. Many times that translates to hearing the dirty secrets about the abhorrent lack of leadership, the narcissistic, egomaniac supervisor, and inept managerial incompetence in the workplace.

Let’s Face It: Your Career Development Is in Your Hands

As we take steps to achieve success in our chosen careers, we sometimes search for mentors as well as role models. We quickly realize that many celebrated individuals who have been catapulted onto the world stage arrived there, not only as a result of hard work, but also after being closely mentored. In the past, men have been dominant in, but not limited to, business, entertainment, sports and politics. They arrived at the top of their game often times, as a result of not only of their hard work, but because they had someone in their life who gave them sorely needed direction.

Reengineering Your Life After a Career Disaster

People are reengineering their life everyday as a result of being hit with a termination notice.

Not only has the rug been pulled out from us financially, emotionally and spiritually, but our very core of being is damaged. It’s like getting diagnosed with the Big C. It’s a psychic sledgehammer, is it not?