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Chief Inspiration Officer. Resume Writer. Career Coach. Former Talk Show Host. 


Career Solutions for Challenging Times

Career Counseling

Are you considering a change in your career goals or reevaluating your professional aspirations? Career counseling might be the perfect fit for you. Watch my video at the bottom of this page and reach out for a complimentary consult. Counseling appointments are available starting July11 th. For more info, email   


Resume Writing

Having a strong resume and LinkedIn profile is essential to advancing your career. Unfortunately, our Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn packages are currently unavailable until July 11th. To discuss further options, email your current resume for a custom quote and complimentary consult at  



Your Career is Your Business. Isn’t it Time For You to Manage it Like a CEO?

As a professionally trained career counselor, I can help coach you through self-doubt, fear, confusion and other barriers that come with the territory of making positive changes in your life.

Why Invest in Career Counseling or Resume Writing Services?

You have no clue how to write a compelling, professional resume and cover letter.

You’re receiving little or no response from your resume and you’re not sure why.

Your company’s downsizing or you feel like you might be next.

You’re about to be let go or you have been terminated.

You’ve been landing interviews but you’re not receiving any job offers.

You’re “spinning your wheels” trying to figure out next steps in choosing a rewarding and fulfilling career.

You’re stuck in a dead-end job with no advancement opportunities and you know it’s time to take the steps to identify a more satisfying career.

Why Should You Hire Thomas Career Consulting?

Thomas Career Consulting is the leading resume writing and career counseling firm. Voted Best of the Main Line for Resume Writing and Career Counseling Services  and ranked as  as one of the top five resume writers in Philadelphia, I work  with professionals nationwide to provide expert services in both resume writing and career counseling. Knowing what to include on your resume, what keywords should be emphasized and how to attract recruiters is essential to resume response in today’s job market. This process has become increasingly difficult for the job hunter today. Why not turn this over to an expert ?

Your company has been acquired, but you don't know where to go from here.
Your current resume is tired, needs a refresh and you’re wondering where to begin.
You have a fragmented job history and you have no clue on quite how to handle this.

In fact, Mindy is one of only 17 certified professional résumé writers in the state of Pennsylvania certified by PARW/CC, the oldest association of professional résumé writers in the country.

You’re working to change careers, or trying to land a new job and you’re not sure how to leverage your experience-to-date.
You’re not getting any traction with the resume and/or the cover letters you’ve been using.


working with a Career Counselor and Certified Resume Writer who is as interested in what you do as you areWho understands the value of your talent and your years of hard work in the marketplace. Who is prepared to work with you to create your resume and maximize your opportunity to derive value from it. Who will help bring you and your image back to life. And, someone who will give you 150% whether you are a student, a top executive or simply an individual who is struggling with their career identity and feels lost. Imagine a career counselor and certified resume writer with commitment and an imagination and who really cares. This is precisely the “why” behind what I do.

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