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Why do you need a powerful professional resume?

6.5 Seconds

That’s the amount of time your resume gets in front of a recruiter to sell your accomplishments. So, make it count. Knowing what to include on your resume, what keywords should be emphasized . . . and how to attract electronic search engines is essential to resume response in today’s job market. This process has become increasingly difficult for the job hunter today. Why not turn this over to an expert in a comfortable environment?

How Is Thomas Career Consulting Different?

Thomas Career Consulting is a highly personalized, boutique resume writing and design firm with one principal writer and founder, Mindy Thomas. Having written thousands of professional resumes over the years, I am confident in my ability to write a compelling marketing tool for you to land your next interview. My resume writing practice is built on a very personalized, collaborative and strategic approach. This approach is based on showcasing your accomplishments in a way that will differentiate you from the qualified candidates that you are competing with. I help you to identify those golden nuggets that will make you stand out among the competition. That’s the principal difference between my professional resume writing work and the dozens of other resume services. Another difference is that if you live locally, we can meet at my office and work through this process face-to-face. As a Certified Professional Resume Writer and a former college director of placement and legal recruiter, I know what it takes to impress a hiring manager. No matter what level of experience you have or how fragmented your career may have been, I can transform your work history into a dynamic marketing and sales brochure. And remember that’s what a resume is supposed to do. It’s not a biography. The resume is simply an overview of your career marked by notable accomplishments to set you apart from other candidates.

 What is Involved with Thomas Career Consulting Resume Writing Services?

You are probably wondering how the resume writing process works and what is involved. First, I would like to tell you what is not involved. There are no teams of writers in my office doing the resume writing. I personally work with you and will become immersed in your project and your career for a short period of time while we collaborate on remaking your image to compete and succeed in a tough job market.

I will not send you 10 pages of comprehensive worksheets and questionnaires to fill out. Rather, I will conduct a personalized in-depth interview via telephone or via zoom to discuss your career background, experience and achievements. I will gather all the necessary and pertinent information in order to get a complete understanding of where you have been and where you want to go. It’s important to know what kind of position and what industry you are targeting so that I can tailor your resume and/or create multiple versions for your specific needs.

Next, I will determine what kind of resume best represents you and your background. There are various types of professional resume formats including chronological, functional and hybrid formats. And, that’s an important consideration. While I may take some time to interview you, I will spend even more time strategically thinking through how to best represent you.

Additionally, your job postings that you are using to target jobs in your field will be under intense scrutiny as we need to ensure that the ATS chooses your resume from the infinite number of online resumes. In reality, you could be well qualified for a position but never get to the interview table if your resume is not properly formatted. In other words, we need to outfox the ATS and there’s a way to do it.


  Will You Be Involved From Beginning to End?

Yes, you will have direct contact with me throughout the resume writing process, and I will work with you until you have approved your final. What will be beneficial for you is that you will be collaborating with not only a highly experienced résumé writer but a committed career counselor who may suggest options, if you are open, along the way.

Finally, based on your timetable, I will furnish your final draft for further collaboration as needed. Rush service is, of course, available for an additional fee.

To view an abbreviated list of industries and positions click and download Abbreviated Industry: Positions List.

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All prices are comparable to other leading executive resume writers around the world (with similar credentials and years of expertise).

Resumes have been written for new college grads, middle managers, professionals and executives in all industries and levels, across Europe, Asia, Canada and the USA, including: CEO, CTO, COO, CFO, CIO, CAO, CTO, CRO, Senior Vice President, Executive Vice President, Vice President, Managing Director, Executive Director, Director, General Manager, and Manager in Fortune 50, Fortune 100, and Fortune 500 companies. 

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