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MainLine Magazine: 10 Ways to Achieve Your Personal Best in 2017

MainLine Magazine: 10 Ways to Achieve Your Personal Best in 2017

Whether you’re recently laid off, lacking advancement options, or no longer liking the culture at work, changing jobs can alter your life dramatically. “The foundation of making a good career decision is a self-assessment process,” says Mindy Thomas, founder and president of Thomas Career Consulting in Media and a certified professional résumé writer.

Thomas uses a triangular model for those shifting directions. The self-assessment part is at the bottom, followed by an exploration of options, all leading to a decision. She can help you evaluate your skill sets as they pertain to what you truly enjoy doing.

“We look at the options against—and in the context of—what’s important to you. [We measure] the skills you have against market demand. Research and due diligence are essential,” she says.

Going through a transition can be an overwhelming process, and it’s not uncommon to make rash decisions that fail to lead to any significant life change. But making the right choice can be empowering. “When you’re doing meaningful work and getting the recognition, there’s nothing like that validation,” says Thomas. Read more.


Your Career is Your Business. Isn’t it Time For You to Manage it Like a CEO?

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