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3 Considerations that May Trump Your Career Transition

3 Considerations that May Trump Your Career Transition

There are many people that want to cross this bridge to the other side, however, career changes cannot be made in isolation. In fact, when we make a change, we need to consider the context of our personal life and overall life goals.

One of the considerations in making a career transition is to take a close look at the practicality of making the move. Three top practical matters to consider are:

Lack of up-to-date skills

Recent poor performance appraisals or recently being fired due to performance issues (are you willing to move on?)

Mindset (can you come to terms with your divorce, a spouse that passed away, your age or an illness?)

Two factors that also need to be considered when looking into a career change are your resources (support people, available money, physical space, networking groups, your personal agility and ability to learn) and limitations (family, lifestyle and financial obligations, work hours, travel requirements, disability and health issues).

An absolute requisite for reaching new career goals is to stop and reflect on your most important values, in addition to, the practical considerations, resources and limitations in your life before you make a decision. As Meryl Streep once said, “We are the choices we make.”

Feeling good about your work is central to life, but overlooking the details could lead to even more heartache. A successful career shift requires careful thought, due diligence and thorough research and reflection. Applying these core principles and practical considerations will help to ensure that you can reach your goals, as you set on a new course of action, to shift your career.



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