There is A Place of Food and Plenty

North Dakota, Spurred by Energy and Ag Boom, Has 3.2 Percent Unemployment…can you imagine this?

Well, it’s no joke folks. I know that this is a far reach but as the market keeps getting tighter, does it make sense to pack up and seek work where there is an abundance? On July 1st, on the front page of, there was a stunning article about the growth of this far off state. They are actually begging for people to come out and work there.

Job Hunting While Employed – A Huge Undertaking

There is no question that it takes an extraordinary amount of effort to undertake a job search while employed. And, if your next move is not crystallized and what I mean by that is . . . you have complete clarity about what kind of position and industry you are seeking, it is even more daunting. With job seekers deluged with the workload of two or more people now, one needs to be super careful about hunting under the boss’s nose.

What I Love About Proactive Career Warriors

I have to tell you that last week was an eye opener.

If you’ve been following my posts, you know that I have been driving home the point about all of us becoming the CEOs of our careers. Figuring out your developmental areas is the first step in working this plan. Secondly, when we start to take action . . . it’s our next step in getting closer to improving our situation – whatever “black” hole we’re in. You know that as soon as we begin to move that ball down the court, we are feeling SO much better.

Career Security – What Does That Really Mean?

If I remember anything from graduate school – way back in the day – it was this concept of career security.

So, I thought I would check out what would come up when I googled those words. Lo and behold, the words “job security” popped up. . . “Job security is when your job is secure and there is no chance of you ever losing your job.”

Learning How to Play the Game-Six Tips

Here are a few reminders on ways to play the game if you want to win in the job market today.
#1 Over 40,000 new resumes are posted to each day. Yes, these are gargantuan numbers but do you realize most people are not landing jobs through posting to the internet? Accept this first factoid and you will start to climb out of the black hole you might be in. Understand that there are many other ways to get noticed and land a position. Take a look at Tory Johnson’s article on uncovering the hidden job market. There are completely new rules to the game and you have to learn them now.