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Job Hunting While Employed – A Huge Undertaking

Job Hunting While Employed – A Huge Undertaking

There is no question that it takes an extraordinary amount of effort to undertake a job search while employed. And, if your next move is not crystallized and what I mean by that is . . . you have complete clarity about what kind of position and industry you are seeking, it is even more daunting. With job seekers deluged with the workload of two or more people now, one needs to be super careful about hunting under the boss’s nose.

Here are some tips for you to remember as you search for your next great opportunity.

1. Make sure you use a private email and personal cellular phone number on your updated resume. You would not believe how many people are still using company email or a work phone number to communicate with recruiters and even career consultants. You know the old saying . . . loose lips sink ships. Besides that, it’s unprofessional, shows disrespect to your current employer and looks like you are really not keeping up.

2. Absolutely sign up for LinkedIn. Many job hunters are fearful that their employers will see this move as a clear and direct “I am outta here” statement. Think about it. Your bosses are on there and so are their bosses. It is the easiest way to search for a job without looking like you are searching for a job. And, oh by the way, the first thing recruiters do is google your name and then look at your Linkedin profile. Or vice versa. So, make sure your online presence is tight and right.

3. Another factoid about LinkedIn: 85% of recruiters use LinkedIn to search for candidates. It is their number one source for identifying top candidates. Those candidates that are not looking for a job are called “passive” candidates. You can simply load up your profile with all the necessary information – chocked full of keywords that recruiters will pump in to find candidates and literally be in the mainstream without doing very much.

4. Your LinkedIn profile can and will serve as your resume. Resume requirements are many, however, the nice advantage on LinkedIn is that you can express more in your profile. Aah, yes, that can be dangerous also. Before you upload your brand new profile, let your best buddy see it and share some honest feedback. Also, make sure you upload a professional photograph and fill out your profile completely. Understand that you must have an online presence today to be competitive. Remember only 17% of new hires are happening through the internet. Join professional groups, attend association and alumni meetings and build relationships without expecting a return. So much of the hiring, as it always has been, is with the hidden market and behind closed doors.

5. For those that are really “down under” and have no time, consider using www.elance.com to hire a virtual assistant. Many job seekers with full time jobs are hiring these folks in India to do their research and hunt down opportunities. Cost? $8/hour. The executive assistant can research press releases on companies you are interested in and do research for your interviews. How super is that?

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