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There is A Place of Food and Plenty

There is A Place of Food and Plenty

North Dakota, Spurred by Energy and Ag Boom, Has 3.2 Percent Unemployment…can you imagine this?

Well, it’s no joke folks. I know that this is a far reach but as the market keeps getting tighter, does it make sense to pack up and seek work where there is an abundance? On July 1st, on the front page of Yahoofinance.com, there was a stunning article about the growth of this far off state. They are actually begging for people to come out and work there.

In fact, there is a shortage of housing so be prepared if you pack up and move out to the wild Northwest.

Here are the factoids from this article that I found to be absolutely amazing.

The largest construction project in the entire US is happening right out there. A “full-on” oil boom is happening. Did you know that North Dakota is the fourth-largest oil producing state in the US? “On any given Monday, we’ve got 1,700 job openings directly related to the oil industry,” Ron Ness, president of North Petroleum Council said.

North Dakota produces 14 agricultural crops. Farming is taking off! And their unemployment rate is 3.2%. In some counties, it’s below one percent. What’s even more surprising is that the state jobs office has over 15,000 job listings!

Talk about energy. Well, they have that too. Wind farms, coal mining, and a new power plant is under construction in Spiritwood. There is a technology sector and a large health care sector too. Did you know that Microsoft’s campus in Fargo is the technology giant’s second-largest one outside of its home base in Redmond, Washington?

Bottom line. Demand for labor is skyrocketing. Even older and more displaced workers are actually able to find work in North Dakota because of the shortage and limited labor pool.
Now, I am not suggesting that you pack up and go. But, maybe you know some people who would do just that . . . given the state of our economy.

Yes, people are landing everyday through persistence, hard work and faith. But, just say you knew someone who needed a change. Now. A total 180 degree change from what they are doing now. All I know is that if you are looking for a new place that would offer an “actual” opportunity for work, it certainly appears like North Dakota is ripe for the “picking.”

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