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What You Don’t Know About Career Counseling

What You Don’t Know About Career Counseling

There are many people that call into my office after spending weeks, months or years trying to figure what they should do with their career. Depending on the individual seeking assistance for career counseling, it is likely that there are a variety of career services that might be offered. What most people don’t know is that there are a number of unknown byproducts that people gain by learning job search strategies and evaluating factors to identify new career options for themselves.

ByProducts of Career Counseling

You increase your self-knowledge. Learning more about yourself allows you find more meaning in a noisy, chaotic world. This self-knowledge increases your self confidence on both a personal and professional level. Without understanding yourself in terms of what’s important to you or even the skills that you enjoy using. . . you are doomed to keep going down the same path you’ve been on. In fact, these are key elements of determining your next career move.

Coping skills are another byproduct of counseling. Understanding how to calm down and release stress is important in moving ahead. Having clarity and gaining a new found awareness that this unhappiness is temporary and better days are ahead sets the tone for the opening of your next chapter. In effect, we replace faulty thinking with a more empowered type of thinking.

You will learn how to make more informed education and career decisions. When you take ownership of doing research and collaboratively working with a counselor to talk about about career options, you will learn decision making skills that you can take with you the rest of your life. You can even help other friends or even your kids apply decision making skills to their lives. Without a doubt, you will become more of a resource expert on US job trends, employment outlook and related occupations.

You will gain educational and occupational information. In today’s economy, many times we have to add additional skill sets to compete against a younger, more educated work force. As it turns out, every single career counseling client that I know that went back to school said the same thing. “This is the best thing I have done for myself. I should have done this sooner.” Incidentally, I had the exact same sentiments.
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