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The Secret & Generation Y

The Secret & Generation Y

This past Sunday, I felt overwhelmed by such happiness while sitting at 45th and Spruce Street in Philadelphia. I happen to be eating brunch at Rx The Farmacy, an organic, farm to table, comfort-food bistro which has been jammed packed with customers since their opening day. I also happen to know both owners, and I can tell you that the passion and energy behind this restaurant is so exciting, it just fires me up.

You see, one of the owner’s of Rx The Farmacy is a childhood friend of my family. In fact, my daughter was one of her besties. Over the years, we spent countless hours in my kitchen cooking and eating together, sharing recipes and talking about her future. Not only did she demonstrate a true love for learning about cooking, she attended the Walnut Hill College here in Philadelphia to work on making the dream a reality. It is there that she teamed up with Ross Scofield, her business partner.

If you ask Danielle what she would credit her newfound success to, she would probably tell you about meeting Ross and about a movie called The Secret. What you say??? Aaah…yes, there are so many critics of The Secret, but you won’t find any tolerance for that here.

To make a long story short. . . I wish you could have heard the voice mail message she left on my phone three months ago. She credited her “dream come true” to watching the Secret over 5 years ago. In fact, one day (back in April of 2013) she introduced the film to Ross, her business partner. They watched this film 5 times in one week.

Then they went for it. They applied The Secret to their dream by utilizing the formula:

Have gratitude for what you already have.
Use visualization for what you want.
Then, move into a state of abundance. Feel what it would be like– to already achieve that dream.
As the story goes, she visited her old neighborhood in the Penn area within one week of applying the concepts and, as they rode down the street gazing about the neighborhood, what appeared next was absolutely stunning. Low and behold was a vacant building with a sign that said FOR RENT. Instantly, they knew that the universe was moving in their direction.

The rest is not a secret but a testament to the faith and belief of a young woman’s dream. At the age of 22, Danielle is wise beyond her years because she literally changed her approach by applying some really important concepts (The Secret). Then, bam. She got what she wanted.

Like I said, I am fired up because I love when people (especially young people) begin to empower themselves. If you get a chance, please visit Danielle and Ross’s Facebook page to support this young couple living their dream as new and exciting restauranteurs in the City of Brotherly Love. In the meantime, Rock on Generation Y!

If you have secrets to share about your success, we would love to hear from you!



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