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People Are Winning in the War for Jobs

“I just went for it,” she said.

I mentioned that I know a woman who won her dream job by following Tony Robbins Ultimate Success Formula unconsciously. She knew absolutely nothing about the formula I described in my last post. And, here it is . . . the New Year is around the corner and she pulled it off. She will march into this New Year – happy, proud and empowered by changing her approach until she got what she wanted.

What kind of chance did she take? What was that approach? It was real simple. And, it took guts. Big time.

She pulled up her bootstraps and made a phone call directly to the CEO of a company she was interested in. She told the CEO about an article she had cut out of the paper in June because his company was exactly what she had been looking for. This is AFTER she applied for a position at this same company and it was filled! When she got the CEO on the phone, he asked her to tell him about herself and in her best twenty second elevator speech, she did. The CEO invited her in for a visit with the VP of Sales. She still did not know if there was even a position available, but she went with the flow.

After that call to the CEO, they sent her an outline of the job and a 20 question open-end questionnaire which took her 8 hours to fill out. When she finally met with the VP of Sales, they offered her a Director’s position and the money she asked for!

Everyone back at the old company practically went into cardiac arrest. What was even more stunning, was they counter offered and matched the exact salary! And, what do you think happened? You guessed it. This gal moved on and “ain’t” looking back. I am so inspired by people who can move on. It just fires me up.

In the coming New Year, think about how you can change the approach you’ve been using with your job search. Pull out all the stops. Dig down and become creative. Enlist your higher power. Make a concerted effort to look at what’s working and what’s not. And, for heaven’s sake, take a chance and change your approach (to your job search or anything in your life you are challenged with) . . . until you get what you want. Just go for it.

Your Career is Your Business. Isn’t it Time For You to Manage it Like a CEO?

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