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Our Career Voyage and Inner Growth

Our Career Voyage and Inner Growth

In the midst of 24×7 technology advances, a recent poll indicated that 82 percent of people in the United States believe in God. I was astounded at this statistic. Some folks call this belief “a sense of the spiritual or a quest for meaning.” In fact, it turns out to be a central theme in the lives of most adults.

Our quest for meaning can begin early in life or the minute we are faced with adversity. It’s been said that one thing is for certain. Sooner or later we will all start to wonder about our purpose here on earth.

Some of us find meaning in relationships.
Others find it in nature or by helping others.
Others dive into their jobs, careers or family lives.
Ultimately our life’s experiences will influence our perspective on what meaning we find in any of those things.

Sometimes we find meaning not by changing our thinking but by changing our perspective or perception and our sense of the way things are. I am curious whether the work on your inner growth is always superseded by something else.

What would happen if we took the time to work on the inner voyage by quieting the noise down?

I’m thinking that perhaps there might be a shift.

I’m thinking that maybe even the next steps on our career voyage could be determined by allowing the search process to unfold in a place of stillness.

I’m also thinking that turning inward to make meaning of where we have been, as well as where we are, can yield dividends for creating a new future for ourselves.

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