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Making the Move in Tough Times – It’s Happening Every Day

Making the Move in Tough Times – It’s Happening Every Day

Career transitions are tough. So many people want to do it. So many folks want to cross that bridge. But they are held back by fear and many times . . . by a lack of support by the naysayers of the world. I have to tell you that I am truly amazed when a client just does it. It doesn’t matter which occupation or career path you choose. Everyone has a gift and our number one job on the planet is to find out what that is.

So, when my client emailed me this morning to tell me that “he got the job”, I was doing my happy dance. Together, through career counseling, we both discovered that he was meant for a nursing career not the 15-year career he had held down in IT. We knew he would have to make financial sacrifices to step back from a nearly six figure salary. We knew he would have to have the courage and trust in himself to take the leap. For once and for all, he knew that he had to resolve in himself whether he should transition into a career that haunted him for years.

What I loved about my client was he was willing to invest in himself to figure it out. He worked for hours reflecting and thinking about making this transition. He did exercises to determine his highest values and his favorite skills that he loved to use. He even took up journaling a couple times a week. When you take the time to uncover your gift within, it is amazing to witness the happiness that arises. In that moment, you can see the light in someone’s eyes shine through. You can feel the energy in the room ramp up. But, most of all, there is an indescribable feeling of happiness, confidence and hope.

Down with the job he hated for years. Down with the three hour commute from Lancaster to King of Prussia every day. Down with that Monday morning horrible feeling of dread. A new life, happiness on all fronts and a whopping 2.4 mile commute to the hospital from home awaits my client. Interesting how life changes on a dime.

For all those folks out there who have been going around and around wondering if it’s time to move on, maybe you should seek professional help to sort these kinds of issues out.

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