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Image and Your Job Search

Image and Your Job Search

You’ve heard that it takes less than 10 seconds for a recruiter to decide if they want to continue reading further. If you think that’s a ridiculous amount of time to review a resume, think about how quickly your image can communicate a message. The truth of the matter is that your professional image is the single, most important non-verbal communication there is.

Here are two quick tips for managing your professional image:

HAIR: Both women and men almost always have their hair professionally colored and cut. When I saw one of my favorite male boomer clients walk in one day looking 10 years younger, I gasped. I knew something was different. It turns out that his wife made the suggestion for him to color his hair because he was in competition against the GenX and Yers. Let me tell you . . . he looked AMAZING! By the way, he landed a new job within 30 days. We both knew that coloring his hair, in addition to investing in overhauling his resume, didn’t hurt.

WARDROBE: Just like a resume can look like it was written in the 80s, you can easily look like you are still in the 80s with your wardrobe. This is an easy fix. If you really have trouble picking out clothing, call your local personal shopper at Macy’s and they will have you squared away in a nano second. These personal shoppers will email you coupons, special sales and can help you create a new professional look. And, guess what, there’s no cost!

SELF-TALK, VISUALIZATION AND ATTITUDE: You can certainly change your professional image, but when it comes to winning out in this job market . . . there are other critical elements that are part of that success equation.

Check out this YouTube video of Michael Jordan. I think you will agree that plugging away eventually gives way to winning.


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