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Is It Time For You To Make a Career Change?

How to Improve Your Chances of Keeping Your Job

While I listened to the morning show yesterday, US News and World Report reported some of the top reasons on how to completely “trash” your career. I think it’s worth a quick review, so let’s get to the top fatal flaws.

Not promoting your own accomplishments. I see this everyday with clients who can’t pull their achievements together for their resume. In fact, this is the most important component of a well-written resume. If you do not promote yourself at work with the fantastic results you’ve been getting, how will your boss know you are a performer? The sad truth is that he or she won’t. The bottom line is that you cannot possibly allow anyone else to toot your horn. You are in the driver seat on this one.
Not learning new technology. This includes knowing how Twitter and Facebook work.

This also includes knowing how LinkedIn works and, yes, it helps to have a profile not just a skeleton version of your bio. If you don’t have a clue, get on this bus immediately. I am talking to the thirty-somethings as well as the boomers. In my office there is a toy bus which has short inscriptions on it. It simply says “Social Media and Technology.” It’s actually plastered all over the bus . . . a simple reminder that WE all need to do this.

Being too negative. You can pick this up in a nano second. The fact is that this one quality can make people sick. And, with the rising cost of healthcare and disability claims along with absenteeism, who wants the king or queen of doom dampening the spirit of the office. See last blog for knowing when it’s time to make the move.

Lying. About anything.

Being disorganized. Not showing follow-through is one of the worst career killers out there. It becomes very clear if you are super conscientious and have the drive to get things done. There’s a lot of folks that promise the world and then under deliver. Be the person who over delivers every time and see if this one technique can help increase your power at the office.
In today’s economy, there are many reasons that affect our careers that are not even tied to you personally. One thing is for sure though. Managing yourself and your career along with your emotions are essential to improving your chances of keeping your job.

Your Career is Your Business. Isn’t it Time For You to Manage it Like a CEO?

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