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How Are You Showing Up in Business?

How Are You Showing Up in Business?

I had the good fortune to attend a week long retreat in Italy with six American entrepreneurs led by Pamela Haack. We participated in an intensive study of what made business women successful, particularly in Italy. After traveling through medieval villages and towns throughout the Tuscany and Umbria regions, it became clear that showing up with a generous heart, a passion for your craft and, above all, a gratitude and love for people were critical elements that allowed them to be successful.

I was amazed watching these women because it renewed my understanding of some of the core pillars of how to be more successful, whether you are thinking about changing jobs, launching a business or simply ramping up your current track.

#1 Enthusiasm

Everyone of these women had the most incredible way of greeting us. It was simply beautiful. . . Their tone of voice, the way they shook your hand, the open body language, and their indescribable energy hit you upon impact. They were fully present, maintained eye contact, and radiated energy all the way to the end.

#2. Incredible Passion

All of these women business owners loved their craft. Whether they were a chef in a world famous restaurant in Montepulciano, a ceramic artist in a village, or a fabric shop owner whose fabrics were sought after all the way from Rome. The deep love of their craft was obvious. Countless hours and, in fact, years were Invested in perfecting their art and further developing their expertise.

3. Pride

Not only did these women hold themselves in high esteem, they held YOU in high regard. Repeatedly, these women expressed how honored they were that we visited them. This was a very rare concept to witness and a reoccurring theme in our visits. What would happen if all of us honored each other’s presence each time we met?

4. Heart

You can recognize this instantly when you meet someone. You feel their warmth, openness and generous heart. In every interaction with these women, you could feel their sincerity and the authenticity of their spirit.

The Italian culture is a beautiful one. And, these women were show stoppers. So, to my new friends Rossana, Daniella, Doriana, Stella, and Angela, I thank you for reminding us how to show up and make it count.

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