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Becoming a Warrior in the Job Market – What does that look like?

Becoming a Warrior in the Job Market – What does that look like?

You gotta love when you hear about the job hunters of the world who drive that job search process.

I just received an email from a client who spent 20 years as an computer operator . . . up until her entire department got offshored to India. And, let’s not forget that she trained everyone before she was let go. While she took six months off after the layoff, Lin decided to invest in career counseling. This was a huge investment on her part, but she knew she could not figure out the next steps of her career just by talking with her family members and friends.

After four sessions, we discovered that Lin simply wanted a job where she could work with the public in a happy place and where there might be some advancement opportunities. Her long term goal was completely different, and she’s set on finding a way to attend art school on a part-time basis. That is her true passion. But, in the meantime, she definitely needs to earn a living.

I remember from day one, she said “Mindy, I really love WAWA because the employees seem happy.” After many conversations, extensive validation of her strengths, interests and personality makeup, we decided that this second career would absolutely align with her core values and the skills she enjoys using. So, we carefully crafted the resume, went online together, and applied for the position of Customer Service Associate. We talked about how we could overcome the ATS (automatic tracking systems) that are scanning thousands of resumes daily. We crafted a strategy of walking into every Wawa (the rest of the applicants are probably not doing this) and asking for the GM (General Manager). From there, she would literally make her pitch about why she could fit into the WAWA family, what she could offer and how much she loved the camaraderie there.

While she was talking to a couple GMs on her side of town, I happened to be in my favorite WAWA store on my side of town. I literally “pitched” the GM about this really fantastic woman I knew who would be an absolute match for his store. I emphasized her maturity, her near perfect attendance over 20 years and that she was naturally a pleasant and cheerful person.

Long story made short – Lin got to interview with one GM on her side of town. Since they have not called her back, she assumed nothing. Lin decided to visit the GM that I spoke with on my side of town. He was delighted to meet her and even told her that he tried to find her online after I told him about her but to no avail. This GM is currently trying to find out if the other store is NOT interested, because guess what? He is.

The point is that there are job hunters who will literally not give up on what they want. They simply won’t back down. When one avenue looks shut, they try another. When it looks like it might be wrapped up, they assume nothing . . . until that fat lady sings.

I am curious what your warrior strategy looks like. Is it one hour invested in networking once a month, one application filed there and another one filed tomorrow? Or is it a concerted effort day in and day out? One thing is for sure, the squeaky wheel gets the most grease.

Stay tuned for more warrior stories out on the battlefield.

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