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Mindy spoke to my graduate level career counseling course last week and she was truly magnificent. Not only did she share the details of her methods and approach to her practice, which aligned perfectly with what my students had been learning, but she also shared her passion. Mindy’s excitement about her field of work and the ways in which she is able to assist her clients in reaching their goals was palpable. While I have a knowledge base of career counseling and career development theory, my practice is mainly focused on issues of mental health and working with couples and families. Mindy’s involvement with this course, and the inspiration she provided to my students was invaluable. It made me excited for those who have the opportunity to be her clients and if I can talk her into coming back next summer… for my future career counseling students!

Chris Schmidt, PhD, LPC, LMFT
Associate Professor, Education & Counseling
Villanova University


I just can’t say enough positive things about Mindy at Thomas Career Consulting! As a seasoned professional, looking to make a career change, I needed to do a thorough self-evaluation, assess my strengths and weaknesses, and really determine what direction I wanted to take for my next career move. I was able to do all of the above, and more, with Mindy’s guidance and expertise. I learned so much about myself that I hadn’t considered… I walked into her office feeling lost, and walked out with a fabulous LinkedIn story, a beautifully written cover letter, and a resume that stands out in a crowd… AND A JOB OFFER! I am excited to be starting my new position in a few weeks, but more importantly, I am starting this new position armed with invaluable knowledge that I gathered in my time with Mindy. Knowledge that, I feel, will strengthen my capabilities of handling interpersonal and professional relationships, and help me advance within my new organization, in a ways that I haven’t been able to in the past. If you, like me, are trying to change or improve the trajectory of your career, I highly recommend Mindy Thomas at Thomas Career Consulting. She is the best at what she does, and you will be thrilled with your results! Being HAPPY MATTERS, after all! Good luck to all those who read this review!

Ilona, Age 45

Director of Sales and Marketing, Media, PA

Mindy Thomas will take your resume and cover letter profile to places you never imagined. That’s what she did for mine. As soon as we started talking on the phone I knew immediately I was in good hands. Mindy did not disappoint. She is smart, a quick study, a savvy and polished writer, and a wizard at making your accomplishments and skills stand out on the page. She turns your professional life into a compelling story that reads easily and impresses. Mindy is also caring and fun to work with, and she delivers your sparkling documents in just a few days, once you have sat down with her for an involved interview. I will definitely be consulting with Mindy again, and I recommend her to anyone in the job market today.

Mandy R., Age 44

Attorney, Philadelphia, PA

I really hit the jackpot when a friend of mine referred me to Mindy Thomas. I had been sending out résumés with no results and was desperate for a new approach.  The moment I met Mindy I knew that I was in competent hands. After thoroughly interviewing me, she had my résumé to me within days. She did a fantastic job of selling me. As a matter of fact, I landed an interview with the very first revised résumé that I sent out and am now waiting for the date for my second interview with a potential employer. In addition to her stellar résumé writing abilities, I also utilized Mindy’s services as a career counselor. She quickly helped me gain clarity and focus in my job search. She has been with me every step of the way, offering suggestions, reviewing cover letters, and supporting me in any way that she can. Investing in Mindy’s services is one of the best investments that I have ever made!

Gail, Age 47
Corporate Coach, Newtown Square, PA

When I got laid off in June 2009, I was devastated.  I met with Mindy, who had me step back and reevaluate myself.  After talking with Mindy about my job experience and career goals, she helped me put together a résumé that got me back in action within a month.  I am presently working in a firm where I can truly see a future for myself,  and I have Mindy to thank for helping me get there!
Joe, Age 45
Intellectual Property Attorney, King of Prussia, PA

After 10+ years with a prominent telecom company, I was a victim of a downsizing movement.  Out of work with a family to support, and neither comfortable nor confident that other companies in the telecom industry would be hiring, I was referred to Mindy.  She crafted a résumé that concentrated on my skill set and accomplishments in a flexible format that could be modified to meet numerous job openings and descriptions for multiple industries. Mindy proposed several examples that accentuated my credentials in a format that exhibited professionalism and confidence.  She also prepped me on interview questions.  I felt I was the best candidate for any job I pursued.
I owe you, Mindy!

Dave, Age 52
Senior Relationship Manager, Somers Point, NJ

When I knew I wanted to change careers from corporate to higher education, I went to Mindy for coaching, counseling and résumé advice.  She helped me to successfully make that industry jump and I am so thankful.
Many services out there offer résumé writing, but Mindy’s enthusiasm is unique. To have her as a cheerleader
in your corner when you are going through the difficult and emotional task of job searching is invaluable.

Rene, Age 40
Adjunct Professor, Philadelphia, PA

I came to Mindy in desperate need of a resume and cover letter make-over! I knew I had solid work experience and good references, but I needed help pulling all my information together and giving it that polished look. Mindy was great! Within 24 hours, she provided simple, yet eye-catching résumé/cover letter examples for me to use and follow. She also guided me through one-on-one critiques and revisions that left me feeling empowered and my résumé and cover letter flawless and strong. I felt really confident this week when I hand-delivered my résumé to my potential new employer! Thank you, Mindy!!
Stephanie, Age 34
Certified and Licensed Speech Therapist

I recently found myself back in the job market after a 10 year hiatus. Résumé writing had changed dramatically. Even after going on-line and doing research, I didn’t know how to begin to compose something that would have a positive effect on my future. On referral of a friend, I contacted Mindy Thomas. After speaking with her I immediately felt at ease. We worked together on my résumé. I was impressed and delighted with the end result. I am extremely confident, thanks to Mindy, that this résumé will open many doors for me!
Patricia, Age 56
Salesperson, Manayunk, PA

In spite of my 20+ years of excellent administrative work with a large corporation, frequent downsizings left me feeling vulnerable. I wanted to feel comfortable with the idea that if the worst happened, I was prepared to go out into the job market and find a good position. I was fortunate to meet Mindy, who assisted me in reassessing my skill set, and whose professional insight showed me the direction that I needed to take that would keep me on the competitive edge of my profession. Through my work with Mindy, my confidence is up, and I have a competitive résumé to back it up.  Simply said: Mindy, you’re the best!
Judy, 55
Administrative Professional
Wilmington, DE

Your time and energy to write my résumé has been given in good faith of another human being. This is the true meaning, that you have believed in me enough to devote the moments required. The résumé is excellent!
Sincerely appreciated
David, Age 50
Ottawa, Canada

Mindy is a true professional in every sense of the word. What I thought I needed was a résumé. What she delivered was a “marketing piece” that landed me the interview. Thank you for your intense effort when I really needed it.
Katherine, Age 35
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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