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The Secret & Generation Y

This past Sunday, I felt overwhelmed by such happiness while sitting at 45th and Spruce Street in Philadelphia. I happen to be eating brunch at Rx The Farmacy, an organic, farm to table, comfort-food bistro which has been jammed packed with customers since their opening day. I also happen to know bo ...

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Our Career Voyage and Inner Growth

In the midst of 24x7 technology advances, a recent poll indicated that 82 percent of people in the United States believe in God.  I was astounded at this statistic. Some folks call this belief  “a sense of the spiritual or a quest for meaning.” In fact, it turns out to be a central theme in th ...

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Winning in the Job Market Today

I love success stories, don't you?  Just last week I heard from my client out in Pittsburgh that she "landed" her dream job. I started thinking about how she was able to win in this treacherous job market.What makes the difference? What else does it take besides a dynamite resume, a strong netw ...

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American Workers Do Hard Time

Every time I hear another story about employee abuse in corporate America or even small companies, I get a knot in my stomach. These stories surface daily in my work as a career counselor and resume writer. I often wonder how the American workers are supposed to sleep through the night when they ...