LinkedIn Profiles

If you want a serious edge in the job market, I would highly recommend that you consider hiring a pro to help you with your LinkedIn biography.

Your LinkedIn profile is the foundation of your professional story. It tells people who you are, what you’re passionate about, and what your goals are for your next chapter. With our network of more than 300+ million professionals at your fingertips, you have the potential for exposure to a massive audience. But how can you make sure the right people are engaging with your profile? What steps should you take to put your best professional foot forward to gain more visibility?

Lindsey Pollack, a global Ambassador for LinkedIn, referred to LinkedIn as “an online resume on steroids.” So imagine how much play you could get with your brand if you were effectively properly represented on LinkedIn.

Why Get A Pro to Help You With Your Online Profile?

Most people don’t have the faintest idea how to begin. Others don’t even attempt to get on board this bus. Don’t make that mistake.  Every recruiter, and I mean every recruiter, along with other career professionals, will undoubtedly research you once you connect. The second thing that will happen is that hiring folks will Google your name looking for anything digital and they are HOPING, and assuming, that you have a LinkedIn profile.

The next step is a LinkedIn search, and that’s where the rubber meets the road. If you have taken the time, energy, and money to invest in a professional resume and cover letter, but haven’t created a LinkedIn profile, or worse yet, the content is not congruent with your resume and cover letter, you are sorely underestimating the power of your brand and missing out on one of the most powerful forms of professional networking.

Will This Really Make a Difference?

Let me give you one example from December during the holiday season when most people think no one is hiring.  I know a sales and marketing executive from San Francisco who was in the final rounds of an extensive, and seemingly certain, interview and hiring process. He had prepared as if he was an attorney going to court. Confident that he had closed this deal, the company STILL brought him in for one last meeting with the board of directors. But, as you know, “it isn’t over till the fat lady sings.”

Here’s the clincher — while he was being interviewed, a board member brought up his LinkedIn profile on his laptop and viewed it while the executive was in the room. Within minutes, the board member halted the interview and gave his unanimous support for hiring this executive. The applicant quietly exhaled and, for obvious reasons, counted his blessings that he invested in having his LinkedIn profile completely overhauled.

If you are a serious, career-minded professional, hiring managers assume you are on LinkedIn. By not having a LinkedIn presence, you are automatically sending a message that you lack professional savvy in a technological world that demands it. For a user-friendly tool for your college students, click here.  For professionals who wants to learn how to use LinkedIn in the business world or in a job search, click here.

If you would like me to work with you on  developing your LinkedIn profile, simply email me at Prices range from $350 to $595 including interview time and editing.

Profile Revamping Services include:

  1. Headline – 120 characters that promote your personal brand
  2. Summary/Narrative – Designed to direct your audience to your greatest strengths.
  3. Specialities – Adding these areas increase you being found on LinkedIn
  4. Professional Experience
  5. Skills & Expertise – Adding up 50 key words also increase your search optimization
  6. Education
  7. Interests
  8. Groups and Associations
  9. Honors & Awards
  10. Recommendations
  11. Contact Settings
  12. Additional Categories as LinkedIn suggests

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