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Thomas Career Consulting provides stellar federal résumé writing services for candidates seeking federal government jobs. A team of experienced federal résumé writers with vast government job-seeking experience can help improve your chances of landing a prized federal government position.

CFJST logo - Thomas Career Consulting's team includes Certified Federal Job Search Trainers (CFJST).

As you know, military job fairs and federal government résumé workshops are overflowing with willing and able candidates all over the country. Most of these candidates are just spinning their wheels. The biggest problem in landing a federal job is navigating the government’s federal application process. We know how hard it is to get it right. So, let us help you. Here is how our process works at Thomas Career Consulting:

There are 5 distinct phases . . . and each one is very important.  There is no cost for you to explore your options with us in Phase 1 and 2. Read on to see how it works.

Phase 1Federal Career Consult
We will conduct a 30 minute complimentary consultation, and during that time, conduct an intake session about what kinds
of jobs you are interested in and where your interest lies within the federal government. This will include understanding your desired location, GS level, if you know it, and any other pertinent information that you already have. If you have a résumé, we would love to see it before your consult. You may email your résumé and the federal announcements you are interested in to mindy@thomascareerconsulting.com.

Phase 2: Federal Job Search” Strategy Recommendations
Within 48 hours of your Federal Career Consult, we will email you 1-2  target positions and federal job vacancy announcements that suit your location, salary level, qualifications, and interests.

All of this is complimentary and free of charge. If we feel we cannot target any positions for you or if you are not interested in these vacancies, we will send you on your way. If you are excited and wish to move forward, and agree that these federal jobs would be a good fit for you, we will then go to Phase 3.

Phase 3:  Federal Job Résumé Interview
This consists of a 1 to 3-hour interview with one of our federal résumé writing specialists.  This interview will be conducted at your convenience on the telephone or via skype.  We will then write your federal résumé, which could be anywhere from 3 to 5 pages long . . . and email you your first draft within 72 hours.

Many federal jobs require the completion of KSAs or essays as part of the federal job application process.  We can also prepare these for you.

Phase 4: Résumé Proofing
You will review your federal résumé and we’ll work with you to edit and enhance your résumé to your satisfaction.

Phase 5: Federal Job Application
This phase is an option for you. We will help you apply for your federal position . . . and build your profile on USAJobs.com
for no additional charge.

Thomas Career Consulting’s Services for Federal/Government Résumé Writing

The Thomas Career Consulting team offers the following professional services:

  • Federal job résumé writing
  • Government job résumé writing
  • Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA) statements writing – contact us for reasonably priced, professional KSAs

About Thomas Career Consulting for Federal Job Search

CFJST logo - Thomas Career Consulting's team includes Certified Federal Job Search Trainers (CFJST).

The Thomas Career Consulting team includes Certified Federal Job Search Trainers™ (CFJST) who have completed the prestigious, proven Ten Steps to a Federal Job and Federal Résumé and KSA Writing curriculum and are authorized to train federal/goverment job seekers. Further, the team brings many years of experience in résumé writing for federal jobs, government jobs and private industry.

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For a free consultation and quote for career services consulting, please call Mindy directly at 610.937.5632
or email mindy@thomascareerconsulting.com.