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Anna Bassham
Anna B.
21:27 15 May 20
Mindy reworked my Resume, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn profile. Not only is Mindy extremely knowledgeable about what's currently working when it comes to resumes and the online job search process; she is intuitive and able to identify and bring focus to professional strengths that I didn't know I had. For example, she pointed out that, even though I've never directly managed employees, I have plenty of leadership experience to take on a marketing director role.Mindy really cares about helping people find success and she provided me with heartfelt attention throughout the entire process. If you're out of work or just ready to take the next step in your career, I highly recommend you message Mindy. She's seriously the real thing.
robert mcclure
robert M.
20:24 26 Mar 20
I was referred to Mindy through friends and associates that have worked with my mother and had amazing results with her. I was a senior in college searching for jobs to end my last semester and hit the ground running but was not getting any traction with my LinkedIn and my resume. I went to Mindy and she helped me find my strengths and accomplishments that company's value the most. She then helped put together a resume and boosted the quality of my LinkedIn to the point where company's began coming after me. She is amazing with the skills she has in helping with resumes and helping create your image in the most appealing way to company's. Not only is she an amazing talent with her profession she is extremely personable and fun to work with. I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with the job search and needs help to get their foot in the door and get rolling. Overall great experience!!
Kate R
Kate R
02:51 23 Mar 20
I honestly cannot recommend Mindy enough. I struggled for two years to find the right job fit for myself and it wasn’t until I met with Mindy that I finally landed my dream job - a job that I hadn’t even considered would be a good fit until Mindy helped me open my eyes.Not only was Mindy the reason I was able to land my dream job, she has also assisted me in growing within the position she helped me get. Working with Mindy is not just a one time thing, it’s a continuous partnership. No matter where you are in your career Mindy can be an asset in so many ways! Whether you need career advice, wanting to make a drastic change, looking to grow in your current position, or even just seeking someone to network with, Mindy is the best advisor to have. Above all Mindy help me regain my self confidence. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt as confident as I do today. I cannot thank Mindy enough for all she has done for me and I look forward to continuing to work with her.
Mike Guerin
Mike G.
00:28 05 Feb 20
To say Mindy helped me through a career transition would be a huge understatement. I had been in the landscape industry for roughly 20 years and most recently I was working as a branch manager for a commercial landscape company. It was like I worked so hard to get there and once I did, I was miserable. Unless I wanted to start my own landscape company, which I knew I was not interested in doing, I hit the end of the road. I was very unhappy; I was bored with what I was doing and needed to make a drastic change. The only problem was I had NO IDEA what that was and what I wanted to do. Through the career counseling with Mindy, I learned a lot about myself and what options I had. At first, we looked at where my work experience would translate. She showed me that I would be a natural fit and ideal candidate in a number of other industries as an operations manager or general manager. However, as we progressed, we realized I would happier getting into accounting. I did not view going back to school as an option (married, house, kids, etc.) but after talking it over and getting her insights, I decided to go back and get my BS in accounting. I promise you that never would have happened without Mindy. Mindy also did a linkedin profile, cover letter and resume writing for me. I thought I did ok on my own with my resume, but I was wrong. She took all of the info I gave her and turned it into a polished, professional document. After I saw the finished product I thought, “Wow I really did all of this and I’d hire me!” Having your resume written by Mindy gives you a confidence boost when applying for jobs and going for interviews. The linkedin profile had the same effect and no doubt makes me look more attractive to recruiters and potential employers. I’ll be honest, the resume writing, career counseling, and linkein profile were not cheap. But you get what you pay for and what Mindy has helped me do was worth every penny. Since our last meeting I have reached out to her several times to get her opinion and she has always responded quickly and with great advice. She really does care and having Mindy on your team is huge advantage. I would definitely recommend Mindy to anyone who feels stuck, is looking to make a change, or even just needs help updating their resume. Don’t let the price scare you away and invest in yourself. If you put in the work, I guarantee you it will be worth it. I still have a little under 2 years left until I get my degree, but I have recently started applying for entry level accounting jobs. With everything Mindy has done for me, I have every confidence that I will be starting my new career, in a field I will be happy in very soon. There is no way I would have taken these steps to better myself without your help, Mindy. I’m happier and in a better position to take care of my family thanks to you. Sincerely, thank you for everything!
Austin List
Austin L.
18:53 01 Feb 20
I was referred to Mindy by a friend who had a lot of success with landing interviews as a result of Mindy’s ability to boost their resume and LinkedIn page. Originally, her price seemed to be much higher than I was hoping to pay, but I must say that it was worth every penny! Bottom line: My confidence went through the roof when I saw the results of her work. My LinkedIn page has the wow factor now-- and so does my resume. Just by applying on LinkedIn with my resume attached, I was able to lock in more interviews than I was prepared to pursue, and actually had to start narrowing down my options for the sake of efficiency. I went from being concerned about the possibility of getting ANY interviews, to having way too many opportunities to manage within my time frame. As she said to me before we started the process, “I’ll get you to the table, but the rest is up to you.” She delivered. I had north of 10 companies asking me to meet with them and after successfully interviewing with all of them, had to make a choice between 4 great offers. Needless to say, my confidence is at all-time high.I highly recommend Mindy to anyone who is in the middle of a job transition, as she is a majority of the reason why I found myself in a favorable position during my job search. She really cares, asks a TON of questions, gives you practical homework assignments and puts herself in the position of the client when formulating the best marketing approach for you as a potential employee. Extraordinary results. Superb at what she does…I cannot even begin to thank her enough.
Verne V
Verne V
17:12 11 Dec 19
Mindy helped me through my career transition. I came to Mindy as I had hit a wall in my Corporate position and I didn't know what to do (I had been with the same group for 15 years). Through Mindy's guidance and expertise, she was able to give me clarity and determine in which direction I wanted to take for my next career. After the first session, I looked forward to our meetings. Mindy is supportive, encouraging and compassionate during the process of self-evaluation. Mindy is a true professional and career coach. I can't say enough wonderful things about her!!! I HIGHLY recommend Mindy for career counseling and resume writing.
Casey Veeck
Casey V.
15:24 09 Dec 19
Mindy helped me figure out what was truly important to me in a career and what would be best for me when leaving a career I have spent over a decade in. I have received nothing but compliments from recruiters about the style and professionalism of my resume.
Andrew Cocco
Andrew C.
17:43 19 Nov 19
Since you're reading this review, you are either frustratingly failing in your job search or are at the start of the daunting challenge of seeking a satisfying career. I was there. After I lost my job in pharmaceuticals, I spent a month reading books, watching Youtube instructors, and following internet templates in the attempt to craft a professional cover letter and resume. It's tough getting back in the game when you're a Boomer. Six months later, I landed a job! Six unhappy months after that, I started looking again. This time, I got serious and dumped my DIY job hunting and found Mindy Thomas. She came highly recommended from a former client who landed an enviable position with her help. Let me tell you, don't call unless you mean business. She's not cheap, but cheap got me nowhere. Thomas Career Consulting is an investment in yourself. Mindy gave me homework, yes homework! Through it, she helped me focus on career goals, uncover related employment options, and improve my internet exposure. Mindy crafted a cover letter and resume for me that made my best efforts look like middle school work. Within a few weeks, I accepted a position with a company that afforded me a salary, flexibility, and career path far beyond what I had expected. Look. The more worthwhile the career, the more serious the competition. It's fierce! You need every advantage you can get. You need Mindy Thomas!
Kevin Sundra
Kevin S.
01:03 06 Sep 19
Mindy Thomas Does it AGAIN and AGAIN !!I am never going anywhere else . When I do the math my investment in Thomas Career Consulting has produced an income net gain far beyond any investment I have ever made , and more than doubled my expectations . If you even think you can do better because you carry your lunch in a brown bag and pay low rent , you might need therapy . Invest in yourself there are far better ways to save money .I have been working with Mindy Thomas since 2013 with tremendous success. Since that time I have secured positions that have been both personally and financially rewarding . I recently contacted her again to update my resume and I can say I'm even more impressed (btw for returning customers the fee is lower than the initial fee further proof she cares about her clients ) As a returning customer she really took the time and dedication to help me go farther professionally , my updated resume and LinkedIn profile has introduced me to higher six figure opportunities better than any other method I have used or tried . Trying to be your own career consultant is like trying give yourself a haircut you may think you look good but other people may see it differently. Up until now Mindy Thomas consulting has been my best kept secret in this highly competitive job market. My successes from working with her have far exceeded my expectations , I can no longer keep this lid on Thank You Mindy !!!
Susan Geiger
Susan G.
12:22 14 Jul 19
Dropped me like a rock before we were complete-still had 1 more session. When I notified her that I had an interview and I was a little rusty (I am changing careers), she told me to "goggle it"...what a waste of 5000$...
18:31 13 Jun 19
Mindy is very detail oriented- exceptional career coach! I had a lot of experience & certifications that had to be distilled down into a coherent and logical order, Mindy’s personal touch and hard work created a beautiful final product. Without reservation, I recommend Thomas Career Consulting to anyone who is looking for Excellent Resume’ writing & career counseling services- AMAZING!!!
Saad Altaf
Saad A.
22:59 07 Apr 19
Ms. Thomas is one of the best career coaches and Resume Services consultant - she provides career coaching with exceptional care to her clients entailing a personalized touch. She does a great job in getting to know you at a personal level and skillfully understands how your knowledge and experiences can be utilized effectively in pursuing your professional goals. Her effective approach will give you the tools and platform to pursue a career path of choice.When I met Mindy shortly after graduation from Drexel University as a Finance Major, she helped me appreciate the significance of a crisp marketing collateral - resume. The resume she created for me (taking into account my personality and the industry I wished to be a part of) has landed me multiple interviews and 8+ job offers. I used my resume as inspiration to help my sister in creating her personalized resume. This gave her a great marketing document when actively seeking for coop opportunities during her studies at Drexel - she was offered a position at SAP.Her price point is on the higher end - but you pay what you get for. Quality!
Crystal Smith
Crystal S.
17:09 02 Jan 19
Please meet with Mindy if you are looking for RESULTS! I completed career counseling with Mindy in order to decide what I wanted my future to look like career wise. She was patient and helpful and made me look at my career, my passions, and my future from all different angles. When we finished with my counseling sessions, she then worked on getting me a revised, up-to-date resume and LinkedIn profile. Mindy did a PHENOMENAL job with everything! By the time she was finished with me, I knew I would find a new job that I really loved...Within one month of working with her, I had an interview and got the job. I'm so happy that I found Mindy and I know that anyone who works with her won't regret it either!
Olivia Stas
Olivia S.
02:00 13 Dec 18
Mindy Thomas is a true Professional, Mentor, and Friend. I stumbled across her Career Consulting website while attending Graduate School in Arizona. While on a school break, I met with Mindy for the first time. Not only is Mindy talented beyond belief, but she has transformed my resume to new heights. Mindy's expertise and eye for capturing you and translating it onto paper is truly extraordinary. Investing in Mindy's services will provide life changing success. Thank You Mindy as I have landed a great position in the Safety Professional Field!Olivia GSP, Safety Professional
Sheila Grant
Sheila G.
18:47 15 Nov 18
I went to Mindy to help me deal with a career transition and hired her for both career counseling and resume writing. I picked her out of the index from ‘What Color is Your Parachute’ book, because I was unsure of how to figure out my next steps. Even with my masters degree and 20 years of work experience plus reading the Parachute book, I could not figure out how to make a career transition. Mindy was very professional and gave me the courage to move forward. On top of that, she made me feel more confident and inspired about my own talent and marketability. When we finished the 4 sessions of counseling, we overhauled my resume, cover letter, etc. While her services were pricey, I can tell you they were worth every dime! Hands down - It was well worth the investment because I ended up happily employed with two very meaningful jobs--one as an adjunct professor and the other in a health advocacy position — both of which I simply love!
Patrick Izzo
Patrick I.
15:57 18 Oct 18
I can't thank Mindy enough for helping me find the right career. I spent 15 years in a career that I just hated and which wasn't getting any better. I knew I had good skills but just didn't know what other careers I could transfer them to. Mindy was very thorough in her work and in the end she helped me find a new career that I enjoy and where I am successful! I have been in my new career for 6 years and I have been the top performer on my team for the last 5. I enjoy what I do and I now have the opportunity to help others and change their lives. If your job feels like endless tunnel that you'll never get out of, please know that there is hope out there and Mindy can be the compass that will help you find your way out of your current job and into a career that you can enjoy.
Ilona Haris
Ilona H.
13:51 18 Oct 18
I just can't say enough positive things about Mindy at Thomas Career Consulting! As a seasoned professional, looking to make a career change, I needed to do a thorough self-evaluation, assess my strengths and weaknesses, and really determine what direction I wanted to take for my next career move. I was able to do all of the above, and more, with Mindy's guidance and expertise. I learned so much about myself that I hadn't considered... I walked into her office feeling lost, and walked out with a fabulous LinkedIn story, a beautifully written cover letter, and a resume that stands out in a crowd... AND A JOB OFFER! I am excited to be starting my new position in a few weeks, but more importantly, I am starting this new position armed with invaluable knowledge that I gathered in my time with Mindy. Knowledge that, I feel, will strengthen my capabilities of handling interpersonal and professional relationships, and help me advance within my new organization, in a ways that I haven't been able to in the past. If you, like me, are trying to change or improve the trajectory of your career, I highly recommend Mindy Thomas at Thomas Career Consulting. She is the best at what she does, and you will be thrilled with your results! Being HAPPY MATTERS, after all! Good luck to all those who read this review!
A Smith
A S.
13:19 22 Aug 18
As a stay-at-home parent who plans on returning to the workforce soon, Ms. Thomas gave invaluable guidance on how to remain a competitive legal candidate while I am home, alternative career paths I can pursue with my J.D. now and when I go full-time, and incredible instruction on how to tweak my resume so I'm still a rockstar candidate. Would absolutely recommend Thomas Career Consulting to others navigating the job market.
Richard Pullin
Richard P.
17:44 13 Apr 18
I reluctantly accepted a job as a house painter in April 2017 after trying other things for a couple of years. I didn’t want to go back to painting, but it allowed me time to regroup and take stock of my strengths and weaknesses. I quickly rose up the ranks at this small remodeling company, and I was chosen to head a new cabinetry division in the Spring. But even with the added responsibility, I was bored and needed a change, once and for all. I found Mindy after a quick Google search for Career Counselors. She had the most reviews and all were 5 Star ratings. I didn’t know what to expect from a Career Counselor, but I knew I had to do something. I had to dig deeper to gain insight into what makes me tick. With Mindy’s guidance and my hard work, I was able to get everything I needed from the sessions. I immediately signed up for Mindy’s Resume help, and after receiving the Resume, LinkedIn and Cover Letter drafts that Mindy wrote, I was able to see just how valuable I was as an employee. Mindy gave me the confidence to seek out the career that has eluded me for so many years. It only took about a month of applying to positions to get an interview for an entry-level accounting job. I didn’t know what to expect from the interview because I’d never interviewed for an accounting position before. I was offered the job the very next day. Although this kind of career change is going to be challenging, and take time to adjust, I feel that I’m finally on a career path that I can be proud of. I owe so much to Mindy and I’ll never forget my time with her. Thank you, Mindy, you’ve changed my life.
Charlie Lichtenwalner
Charlie L.
00:42 09 Mar 18
Mindy Thomas is a focused and professional resume writer. I found her live interview process to be thorough and carefully organized. She managed to characterize my diverse background succinctly and with flair. She is also supportive and encouraging through the process. I am glad that I hired her.
Ratos Ratorius
Ratos R.
12:17 22 Feb 18
Matthew Chadinha
Matthew C.
21:44 17 Jan 18
Mindy and I were able to dive deep into my previous experiences and also my personality and tendencies to discover the right path for me. The information that I walked away with is invaluable and I’ll be able to apply it for the rest of my career. Thank you Mindy!!
Andrew Matson
Andrew M.
19:52 21 Jun 17
After graduating from college I began my job search without a clear path in mind. I came out of school with a little bit of experience to guide my search, but wasn't having much luck with my job applications. Soon after I came into contact with Mindy who revamped my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. She tailored them specifically to the energy industry, which I was targeting in my job search. As I began sending out new applications I received several responses from employers, many of whom complimented me directly on my resume.Mindy's expertise allowed me to send out job applications much quicker than I could before and with more confidence. She was also extremely responsive whenever I had small questions or needed any tips prior to interviewing. Her advice was crucial to landing me my first job out of school at a solar energy company located in the Greater Philadelphia Area. To anyone graduating and beginning their search for a job out of school, I highly recommend Mindy's services.
Mark Bannon
Mark B.
17:03 01 Jun 17
For those of you assessing the value of working with a Career Counselor, I hope this is helpful. I came to Mindy with a less well-founded professional background, one marked by frequent (every 6 months to 1 year) job changes, multiple 6-month employment gaps, and experience in a variety of disparate industries. Perhaps even more debilitating, my hazy sense of direction undermined my energy and strong intent; I was applying for jobs, not building my career, and I needed help.I look back on my experience working with Mindy and wish I had sought guidance sooner. Mindy is very personable, professional, and skilled. She quickly established rapport and helped me to investigate the personal and professional values that would form the basis of my career direction. She asked the right the questions that lead to self-discovery. I never considered how much planning would be required to create a resume, but as Mindy compiled the information from our interview and consultation sessions to ultimately craft my new resume, cover letter, and linked in profile, I learned the importance of building an integrated professional story from the ground up.My work with Mindy lead to a relocation to the West Coast, a transition from Hospitality to Counseling, and my concurrent pursuit of a Graduate Degree. To those of you on the fence, I thought I was stuck, and yet here I am on my way to building a long-term career. I wholeheartedly recommend Thomas Career Consulting for those of you feeling stagnant and lost. She will help you. Thank you, Mindy, for your time, effort, and inspiration.
Mike Kaplan
Mike K.
19:03 18 May 17
Mindy extracts your best talents, brings them to the surface and helps you get that next level position!
Colleen Bonner
Colleen B.
13:40 13 Apr 17
I hired Mindy for both career counseling and resume writing services. It was the best investment I could have ever made considering I was desperate to make a career change. I have a masters degree and 15 years of business experience but could not even begin to wade through this mess of switching careers.So, when I hired Mindy, I felt completely inspired and hopeful and as we moved through my 4-session counseling package, she paved the way for me to see what made sense for me.While I was feeling stuck and unqualified, Mindy helped me see the various options I could pursue. After we finished the career counseling, I invested more money in the resume and LinkedIn package. I cannot say how much confidence I gained when I saw how she packaged me for the market. The resume and LinkedIn profile did the trick and helped to land the opportunity I so much wanted in higher education. Mindy was calm and reassured me all the way through which is so helpful when unsteady about making a change. Naturally you want to stay with what is known and not make the leap but Mindy stressed the importance of being happy and fulfilled with your work and made sure that the change fit my personality and values.Mindy Thomas gave me the confidence to make the change I needed to make. I am very happy and grateful that I took the chance of switching careers in midlife – It’s extremely scary and anxiety producing, but I am glad I made that investment. It has paid off for me, so I cannot give Mindy enough praise for the outstanding services she provided.
John Matson
John M.
17:56 20 Mar 17
I had a great experience working with Thomas Career Consulting. Mindy's qualifications, career counseling process, and resume writing skills are second to none. She is a very motivational coach that will help you successfully navigate the steps in finding your next career.
Nicole W
Nicole W
16:43 06 Feb 17
Your superb writing skills and creative approach to resume writing changed my life. When I discovered Thomas Career Consulting, I was looking for a new position, but not getting any responses from my applications. I read Mindy’s reviews and decided to make the call. After contacting Mindy to review my career history with a global company, she explained the reasons why needed a total overhaul. She also took the time to listen to the roles I was interested in and learn more about my business experiences. We also talked about the importance of utilizing LinkedIn during my job search and beyond. I was a bit hesitant about the cost at first, but gave it serious thought and figured I would make the investment. In the end, Mindy crafted a fantastic resume and LinkedIn profile for me – and WOW! After I started posting my resume, I accepted a new role with a fabulous company within one month! Without hesitation, I highly recommend Thomas Career Consulting. Mindy is a pro and really cares about you as a person. I am thrilled that I found her. She is absolutely worth every penny.
Paul Smith
Paul S.
16:49 14 Jan 17
So I am in the end stages of working with Mindy and can say with pride that this has been one of the most beneficial, influential and self-discovery experiences of my life. My background is in recruiting as a professional head-hunter for 17 years. I am 45, recently lost my mother about a year ago, and now am in career transition big-time. When I found Mindy, the first words out of my mouth were ‘I don’t know what I want or where I want to go…all I know is what I don’t want…can you help me?” Without so much as batting an eye, she replies ‘Absolutely’. As a professional head-hunter I can identify real sincere talent, or the converse, within a matter of seconds. I utilized both of her packages starting out with the career counseling and then taking full advantage of the resume writing, cover letter, and Linked-In services too. With the latter there is an additional fee but it’s totally worth it. As with All services (lawyers, accountants, personal trainers, Cleaners…whatever) you typically get what you pay for. My career, as with most of us, is a big friggin deal…I want the Best. With Mindy I got that. She takes the time and care to ensure she is working in sync with your goals, your aspirations, your wishes; almost more of a “partnering” with you than anything else.I also want to add that one will only get out of this service what they put into it. This is what the Army preaches, right? If you put in the time, follow her lead, do your homework (on you), are patient, pro-active, inquisitive you will do really well with her services. I now know where I want to go and will be going back to school starting next week and fully expect to be in my NEW career/profession by the summer. Without her I would be nowhere.
Michael D
Michael D
00:05 14 Jan 17
Mindy provided an incredible service! Most importantly it produced results, the results that I paid for. I purchased the career counseling sessions, LinkedIn profile make over, resume building , and cover letter, basically the entire package. After going through the process, I can tell you that the results were nothing short of amazing. Working with Mindy during the career counseling sessions provided me with the exact clarity on where I wanted to go in my career. At the time I was working a job that I was completely dissatisfied with. Also, I thought I was being undervalued financially. After a few sessions, we came up with a new career, that is, a career path that met my core values and provided the financial opportunities I was in search of. She then rebuilt my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. She recreated the message I was sending to potential employers and sharpened my image as a professional in my field. When I began sending out my resume I couldn't believe it! I was receiving a call back from almost all the jobs I applied to. This was compared to my old resume that only received a few calls backs here and there. I literally received a call back from 30 different companies. I chose to interview with 4 different companies and you know what happened? I received an offer from every one of them. One company literally looked over my resume, put it to the side and said "this is exactly what we are looking for, when can you start?" Keep in mind that Mindy's services will get you in the door but you must still interview for the job. Good news! I'm pretty sure Mindy provides interview counseling as well. Ultimately, I landed exactly the type of position I was applying for with a higher salary and a company car. Sure, the cost for service can be relatively high, but it was an investment in myself, one that paid back dividends, and I thank Mindy for that. All in all, let me say this. I put my complete confidence and trust into Mindy and the service that she provides. I would absolutely refer her to anyone looking for a career change without hesitation. I took action, paid for a service, and gained results all from the help of Mindy's service. She was completely sincere and genuine in her desire to help me succeed, I was extremely grateful for that. Thanks for reading and I wish you the best of luck!
AJ Schmidt
17:10 12 Jan 17
I had high hopes for Mindy and her services based on all the glowing reviews on Google. I hired her in September 2016 to create me a resume, LinkedIn bio, and cover letter. Ultimately, I decided to scrap the LinkedIn bio and cover letter simply because I didn’t like the tone of voice. This was just me being picky, so I don’t hold that against her. My main issue was with the resume. The first draft she sent me contained several basic issues. First, it contained spelling errors. I don’t understand how spelling errors slip through the cracks of the initial editing process when tools like spell check exist. Next, was my email address. She had 3 different email addresses on all 3 of the documents she sent me; and they were all incorrect. There were also a lot of stylizing issues and inconsistencies with the content of my resume (i.e. “Powerpoint” instead of “PowerPoint”, and “IPod, Iphone and iPad” instead of “iPod, iPhone and iPad” when referring to details about my job with Apple. These formatting issues were also picked up by spell check on my machine, so I’m not sure how she missed this). There were math issues on the resume where she stated in the bio that I had been at a job longer than the employment dates suggested. Finally, there were issues where extraneous content (i.e. bullet points) had been pasted onto my resume (presumably from when she copied them from the homework assignment that I completed for her). I emailed her and told her I wasn’t happy based on how much I paid her and since more than half of these mistakes should’ve been picked up by spell check on her machine. Here’s an excerpt from her reply:“You are also correct that my spell check would have picked up these issues. Have you ever had a problem with your spell check not working? I certainly have and it’s upsetting!!”She shouldn’t still be having basic spell check issues if she does this for a living. She also stated that “we haven’t even begun the revision process yet”. I feel the revision process should be for editing content, not for basic spelling and formatting issues. I made corrections to the issues listed above and sent her a largely revised document. She stated that she would also be making some revisions of her own based on our conversation and send me the final documents in a few days. At this point, she had also requested my LinkedIn login information so that she could publish the final documents to my LinkedIn profile. A few days later, I received the final documents from her. Not surprisingly, she messed this part up too. She had made changes to the ORIGINAL documents, not the largely revised documents that I had sent her. On top of the original issues, she also managed to add another issue where she accidentally pasted my email address somewhere it didn’t belong. Further, she had now posted the content of these “final documents” to my LinkedIn for my entire network to see. I immediately emailed her back and told her what she had done. At this point, I stopped responding to her emails and just took it upon myself to fix everything and finish the documents.For how much I paid Mindy, she was not worth the aggravation. I consider the $1,275 that I paid her to be a complete waste of money. Her revision process is pretty much nonexistent. It also bothered me that someone in her position would use Microsoft Word to create professional resumes instead of industry standard print layout software like Adobe InDesign. I recommend steering clear of Mindy Thomas and finding someone else to help craft your professional image. I have no idea how she managed to amass so many positive reviews this far.
Linda Banecker
Linda B.
23:59 20 Nov 16
I'm going to start at the end.....hiring Mindy to work with our recent college graduate son was the best $2000 we ever spent! I contacted Mindy because her website indicated that she worked with recent college grads....not all career counselors do. My son had graduated from college and was struggling to find the 'right' job. He was out of school for a little over a year and had been working at various jobs, but not in the 'career' job. After the expense of college, he (and we!) needed more. Unfortunately, as many parents find out, despite the exorbitant cost of a college education, many (most?) kids graduate not knowing how to get a job. Enter Mindy. She had a plan, gave him homework, prepared him for interviews and coached him, but more than anything else, gave him the confidence he needed to sell himself in the interviews In 6 weeks, he had landed himself a professional job with full benefits, that as he put it, 'is exactly what I need right now." To other parents and recent grads who are suffering the same anxiety we were, professional help from Mindy is SO worth it!
Alexa Bierl
Alexa B.
19:01 27 Oct 16
Mindy is awesome! I used her about 2 months ago. I am now hired! it took less than two months once I started sending out the resume Mindy helped me to receive multiple offers. She made the process much faster, easier, and gave me so much confidence. Plus she is a pleasure to work with and actually REALLY cares how your job search turns out.
Gabriel Molina
Gabriel M.
01:30 27 Oct 16
About a year ago, I was at a crossroads in my career. I was at a great company, but I was starting to question my focus and passion for the work I was doing. My partner suggested career coaching and ultimately, I decided to move forward with Mindy.The process was painless, progressive, and revealed things I had never realized while I was lost in the weeds. Early on in our conversations, after we had discussed my strengths, preferences, and values, Mindy suggested that I look into a position within an educational institution, suggesting admissions at a local university as an entryway to the field. I brushed off the suggestion, still not entirely convinced that someone besides myself would know what career I’d be happy in.By the time I finished the consulting, I was thrilled to have a subset of careers that felt like great fits for my skillset. To my surprise, however, the career I find myself in today is the same Mindy suggested a year ago: an admissions role at a local school. A month into my new role, I can see what Mindy saw in a matter of hours. For the first time in my professional life, I’ve found a role that makes me feel whole. If you’re prepared to challenge your assumptions about what career is right for you and are willing to put in the effort, Mindy’s program will guide you in the right direction. Knowing what skills, values, and strengths you bring to a future employer is worth the cost alone, but coupled with the knowledge of what to do next, it’s invaluable. On behalf of my partner and I, thank you so much Mindy!
Dr. Chris Schmidt
Dr. Chris S.
19:35 23 Jun 16
Mindy spoke to my graduate level career counseling course last week and she was truly magnificent. Not only did she share the details of her methods and approach to her practice, which aligned perfectly with what my students had been learning, but she also shared her passion. Mindy’s excitement about her field of work and the ways in which she is able to assist her clients in reaching their goals was palpable. While I have a knowledge base of career counseling and career development theory, my practice is mainly focused on issues of mental health and working with couples and families. Mindy’s involvement with this course, and the inspiration she provided to my students was invaluable. It made me excited for those who have the opportunity to be her clients and if I can talk her into coming back next summer… for my future career counseling students! Chris Schmidt, PhD, LPC, LMFTAssociate Professor, Education & CounselingVillanova University
Kirsten Kelley
Kirsten K.
20:32 07 Jun 16
I cannot begin to express how thankful I am to have found Mindy. I graduated from college April 2015 and was so distraught about not getting into a graduate school post-graduation. I knew all my hard work had paid off, but something was not right. I had a lot on my resume, yet much of it was not portayed as achievement-based. That's when I found Mindy.After a personal recommendation to Mindy and realizing my resume needed to better portray my experiences and successes, I decided to contact Mindy. Right from stepping into her office and meeting with her, she made me feel so comfortable. She had open ears, gave me personal attention and wanted to know about me. The fact that someone could care that much about their client and know their capabilities beyond what was displayed on paper is a true testament to Mindy's expertise. She restored all confidence in me for reapplying to graduate schools; assuring me the resume and LinkedIn profile she would create would be the solution. Well, it WAS the solution! The resume and LinkedIn profile were impeccable, and I could not imagine anything better. I was amazed at the formatting and how well Mindy was able to portray everything about me that would attract not only a graduate school, but also future employers (many have been astounded at the looks of my resume and LinkedIn profile). I cannot thank Mindy enough for all of her hard work.Knowing how competitive the field of Speech-Language Pathology is, especially getting accepted to any graduate program, I knew my resume and LinkedIn profile this time around both looked a thousand times better. Applying to graduate schools for a second round was a whole different story. After countless interviews, I was accepted to 4 graduate schools and waitlisted at 11. I know that Mindy is the one to thank. I now have a resume and LinkedIn profile that are the perfect respresentations of who I am and what I have to offer.For all those out there in a similar position as me, Mindy WILL help you and create the best representation of yourself. I am still amazed every time I look at my resume and read my LinkedIn profile; seeing how much I have accomplished and how well Mindy was able to accent it all. If you are looking for someone who is professional, hard-working, personable and efficient, look no further than Mindy Thomas. I assure you that you will not be disappointed. It was well worth EVERY penny. Thank you Mindy!Debbie Kelley:After talking on the phone for an hour with Mindy about my daughter Kirsten, I knew I had to have her help with her resume and create a LinkedIn profile. She was professional, reliable, and assured me that my daughter would get into graduate school this year. As a mother, hearing those words were so comforting. I put all of my trust in Mindy and I am so thankful that I did. Her hard work and dedication to create a show-stopping resume and LinkedIn profile was all the worthwhile.Please PLEASE see Mindy if you want an amazing resume, LinkedIn profile, cover letter and more. It will be the best decision you will ever make. Her expertise and professionalism far exceeded my expectations. I will recommend her to anyone I know looking for those services.Mindy- you're the best! Thank you again for everything you have done.
Danielle DePaul
Danielle D.
01:20 12 Feb 16
Mindy did such a fantastic job with my resume and cover letter! She truly made me believe that I had a lot to offer, and I landed an incredible job with an even better company. She made me stand out! I would recommend her to any recent graduate or even those in the work force. Her talent will help put you where you want to go. I'm so grateful for all she's done for me!
Conrad Ogletree
Conrad O.
14:09 14 Jan 16
You helped me better articulate my experiences / successes and challenged me to think differently about how I present me as a solution - rather than just a product. The different thinking is what I was missing and I imagine what most folks miss. We know and think about ourselves as we always do. Your challenges helped me think differently about how I see my successes and experiences so I am better able to create a CV and for use when interviewing. Thank you!
Hong Yin
Hong Y.
23:48 27 Oct 15
Mindy is professional and efficient. I hired her to rewrite my resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. I am impressed with the fast turn over time and high quality of the writing. Her rate is not the highest on the market, but she is definitely not on the low hundreds; she requires clients to do their part of the homework.Unlike other online resume writer, Mindy actually spent 1 on 1 interview in person with me; this showed that she cares about getting to know who I am as a real person. Mindy is very patient, and easy to work with. My resume was well received, and I landed a job within one month after Mindy rewrote my resume. Overall, I think hiring Mindy is a good investment for me, and it has paid off.
Therese Spitz
Therese S.
13:11 09 Oct 15
Mindy helped me to update my resume and prepare for a challenging interview on a very short timeline. She is an extremely talented career counselor and she takes the time to get to know her clients strengths and goals. I would highly recommend Mindy for anyone looking to move their career forward and realize their goals.
Daniel Berkowitz
Daniel B.
16:59 30 Sep 15
I can't speak enough about Mindy’s services. When I walked into her office, I was a 40 year old stay-at-home dad who hadn't worked in 5 years, had a stale degree, unemployable in my previous industry, and who hadn't received a single call back in 3 months of looking for work on my own, despite paying another resume service to re-write my resume. Mindy successfully reshaped my focus, energized me personally, and showed me a career track which best suited my talents and financial goals. During my six-week job search, because of her dynamic, eye-catching resume and cover letter I received several calls from recruiters and corporate HR staff, one of which turned into a full-time position above my desired salary.
Corey Olsen
Corey O.
15:22 29 Sep 15
In April I got blind-sided with the most unfair review in my 23-year career. I was devastated and did not see it coming. It was obvious that I ventured into the dreaded "middle management" territory and my job was vulnerable. Lies were made up about me and not one positive thing was brought up in the review. I instantly wanted to resign, but I remembered what a friend told me about a course offered at Delaware Community College to change careers. I called DCCC and was dismayed to find out the course wasn't offered until the fall. The counselor could tell how upset I was so she recommended Mindy Thomas to me. Boy, that was the best call that I ever made. Mindy has been a godsend. She could tell that my confidence was shattered and instantly developed a plan to build me up again. I worked diligently to follow everything she suggested and it became clear what I needed to do.We figured out that it wasn't the profession (software development) that I picked that was the problem. It was the company. I had Mindy write me a spectacular resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile. The response was amazing whenever I started applying for jobs. I'm happy to say that I quit my job last week and I start my new job in two weeks.I highly recommend Mindy. If you ever feel like you've hit rock bottom at your job, there is hope and she is just a phone call away. Make the call. It will be the best decision you'll ever make.
Karen DelGiorno
Karen D.
23:10 25 Aug 15
My son was graduating from college in May 2015 as an engineer and needed a professional resume so I called Mindy Thomas in January. He was hesitant but met with Mindy in person and was immediately impressed. My husband was against hiring a professional because it was expensive but after he saw the resume, he changed his mind. I think after you pay college tuition for four years it's worth another $850 or so for a professional resume and linkedin profile to help land that dream job. There was no way he could have prepared anything comparable. My son posted his new resume on Monster and within a week he had a call from an engineering design firm which eventually led to a great position at their NY office. We are so thankful to Mindy!
Ryan Schwartz
Ryan S.
00:36 05 Aug 15
Job searching is tough. It’s a full-time job in its own right. I was two years post-grad (from Drexel University), occasionally fielding fruitless interviews, before I found Mindy Thomas. Now, I’ll admit, after some less-than-useful recruiters and resume rewritings in the past, I was wary of trying yet another career consultant. I’m glad I put my reservations aside. While many other services treat the client like a product and like a number, Ms. Thomas takes a genuine interest in the job seeker’s life and goals. Nothing is more reassuring than feeling like you have a true advocate--someone that legitimately cares about the success of her clients. But this isn’t just an appeal to pathos. Ms. Thomas is obviously not only passionate about what she does but super knowledgeable as well. She has a knack for zeroing in on what a job seeker wants to do and where their specific skills would be the most effective. Prior to working with Thomas Career Consulting, my resume was highly specific, listing industry-specific tasks that more or less failed to highlight my skills or any quantitative achievements. With an eye for good design and years of experience, Ms. Thomas was able to pull the essence from my career history, crafting a “masterpiece” of a resume that not only better portrays who I am as a young professional but is eye-catching enough to avoid falling to the bottom of the pile. Overall, I’m extremely happy with the results of hiring Mindy Thomas--the result being landing a full-time job with benefits and a great salary within 30 days. I highly recommend Thomas Career Consulting whether you’re just starting out or looking for a new avenue to build on an already successful career.
A Google User
A Google U.
17:11 20 Jul 15
Mindy has helped me tremendously with resume writing and career coaching.I worked over 20 years in the Accounting field. Everything was going smoothly until two years ago I was promoted to a Director. Unexpectedly, three months ago, I was told that I would have to take a lay off or be demoted. I was devastated.As soon as this happened, I thought of contacting Mindy. She had previously helped my husband land a very fulfilling job. I called Mindy and she quickly understood my crisis and sized up the situation very quickly.After I prepared for her resume interview, Mindy composed a beautifully well-written resume for me. She saw positive, worthwhile situations in my work experience that set me apart from others and wrote about them. After I read my resume, I saw things that I had accomplished that I had never thought about before. These items had to do with how I saved the company time and ideas that I implemented that saved the company money. My self-confidence greatly increased after just reading my resume (I wanted to hire me!) and talking to Mindy. Everything she said was true, I just never looked at it that way. In fact, Mindy helped me to understand that my former Director position was not a good fit.I am very, very happy with the services that Mindy has provided me and I am now hiring her for interview coaching, so I can be ready! Mindy's resume writing and career services are totally quality--from start to finish. The investment is so well worth it!
A Google User
A Google U.
16:18 20 Jul 15
Last year I moved to the Philadelphia area from the Southwest to get married. I quit my job of 25 years and came out here without a job. I had never had a resume and didn't know how to begin to find a job. My spouse and I realized that we had no clue where to begin and sitting at the house with no job or income would be very depressing. My spouse looked on the website and found Mindy's site. The reviews were amazing and her website was very informative. We made an appointment with her and went to see her.From the moment we walked into her office and saw her, we were very impressed. We could tell right away. She gets it. She spent at least an hour talking to my spouse and me. She was listening to my story and got to know me. She asked me about things that I had accomplished at my former job and got me to thinking about what positive things I had contributed to my former employer that I didn't even realize. Just by talking to me and really listening to me, she helped me realize what value I had in my profession and what I can positively contribute to a new employer.Mindy put together an unbelievably effective, well-written, honest resume of who I was and what positive attributes that I could bring to a company. My spouse and I couldn't believe how well she captured my very own strengths, accomplishments, and abilities. After I got my finalized resume from Mindy, which I loved, I sent it to a head-hunters office. The very next day, the owner of the company called me and wanted to see me. He mentioned over the phone that he was impressed with my resume. I think that he could tell that my resume was a beautiful piece of work and matched what he saw in me. None of it was fake.The head-hunter sent me on three interviews. I was hired on my third interview, within a month. The company that hired me listened to me as far as what I wanted working for the company and gave me two weeks vacation time up front and no weekend hours, which is unusual in my type of work.Because of Mindy's beautifully written, sincere resume, I have a full-time job in a company that treats me with respect. If Mindy hadn't written my resume and thoughtfully given it a lot of time and attention, I don't believe that I would be employed today. Thank you so much, Mindy
Curt Krouse
Curt K.
19:25 06 Jul 15
I first came across Mindy after a Google search for a career counselor but what I got was so much more. Mindy is someone you can feel very comfortable with talking about your successes, failures and what needs to happen to move forward. We did a personality evaluation to see what professions fit my core values and interests. Mindy revamped my resume and taught me how to properly interview. We went over job openings after job openings to find the right ones to pursue. Mindy is a career counselor, a resume writer, an interview expert, a spiritual advisor and someone who cares about you as a person, not just a client. I could not have faced such a difficult time without her and now I have a great job. The financial investment was worth every penny. Mindy is amazing and I would definitely recommend her to my family and friends.
Mark Partridge
Mark P.
15:02 26 May 15
After 25+ years in senior global commercial and market development roles in the pharmaceutical industry I came to the realization that I needed to chart a fresh career direction that better aligned with my personal values and future aspirations. I wanted to “get off the treadmill’ and explore new personal and professional horizons. I had grown disillusioned with the dominant culture that persists in my present company several years post-acquisition of my former company. I needed to reconnect with my inner professional self and re-examine how to effectively leverage all the years of accumulated knowledge and experience that up to now had shaped my brand. I knew that setting off on this journey on my own could potentially insert biases into my thinking process and result in a flawed, pro-forma bid to recast my career future. I knew that to be effective I needed a professional who could walk this path with me. As a result, I went through a rigorous due diligence process to identify a top-flight career counseling professional, who could understand my career motivations and aspirations, and more importantly, who could insert a good dose of objectivity to counterbalance my dominant logic. I researched several prospective firms and interviewed respective principals. I wanted to deal with a senior professional---not a junior consultant, and I wanted to have direct access to a person who was knowledgeable in my field, who was a good listener, and who had a track record of dealing with senior executives like me; in other words, a true professional. That led me to Mindy Thomas. Mindy challenged me to put the quality time into the process, first by engaging in reconnecting with my past career narrative and deep diving into an introspective pathway and action planning, pressure testing my assumptions and motivations along the way. Only after I was thoroughly convinced that I had exhausted the process and attained my desired end-point, that Mindy and I moved to the secondary or more tactical phase of restating my resume, now with a much better understanding of the strengths and experiences that have shaped my career path and define my future. I feel career-refreshed and my professional perspective of the future is clearer than ever. Mindy is an outstanding resource and colleague who helped me to achieve a renewed professional narrative and an exciting perspective of new opportunities in and outside my field of expertise.
Larry Corrigan
Larry C.
14:35 15 Apr 15
I began working with Mindy in early 2013 shortly after my company was acquired and my job was at risk. Being confused about the next step I wanted to take I sought out Mindy and retained her to assist me in discovering who I was really about and where I wanted to go with my career in the biotech industry. Mindy's process and approach was extraordinary and allowed me to discover what I truly wanted to do with my career. Her guidance, direction, and support greatly assisted me in focusing on a specific role within the acquiring company and successfully being retained. After a year in my role and being notified my job was being relocated, I needed to begin a new process, finding the next company I wanted to work for. Mindy was there for me to counsel and guide me through he early stages of my job hunt. I retained Mindy to rewrite my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. After 2 months I am in the midst of fielding numerous interview requests and my LinkedIn profile view traffic is at an all time high! I couldn't have gotten through these periods of change smoothly without the assistance of Mindy!
Sam Dickens
Sam D.
19:46 07 Apr 15
My experience with Mindy began about the time of my college search. Mindy TRANSFORMED my high school resumé into something that any college admissions officer would envy. She truly has a penchant for helping communicate one's passion and ambition.For the last three years, any time I have needed professional assistance or advice Mindy has been my go-to. As junior in the Ross School of Business, I see my peers' resumés and cover letters all the time, but I am yet to see a resumé of equal caliber to mine. Additionally, I am yet to be turned down for a single job interview, and it is a true testament to the quality of my resumé.Mindy - Thank you so much!!---- I am thrilled to expand upon my prior review as Mindy again helped me flourish in my job. She helped me land a great internship last year, but as I pursued an independent, full-time job search, Mindy proved even more pivotal. From the moment we first connected during my job search, she gave me the no-nonsense diagnosis of what I was doing wrong and how I could improve. This diagnosis of my flawed approach to job search motivated me to start fresh both in my interviewing technique (and preparation) as well as reaching out to companies. All in all, I landed three great offers at Silicon Valley technology companies, and I owe a great amount to Mindy for this outcome!
Nneka Chiazor
Nneka C.
15:04 16 Mar 15
I engaged Mindy upon recommendation from a seasoned coach, and I must say I'm hooked! It's rare to come across motivational leadership like Mindy's - she has this uncanny ability to unearth your strengths and talents and capture it in a way that is authentic to you, leaving you feeling more energized about yourself and confident in your abilities. I highly recommend enlisting Mindy's services prior to embarking on any professional venture.
Alexa Hoffman
Alexa H.
10:43 19 Feb 15
When my daughter graduated college in the spring, she was full of confidence and ready to conquer the world, something that my wife and I had assumed college had prepared her for. In the fall, she was still struggling to find a job and her confidence was suffering. As parents, our intentions were always in the right place but our trying to facilitate the job search became more destructive than constructive. We spoke with other parents and interviewed several career consultants. My daughter chose to work with Mindy by Mid December and I am proud to say was offered her 1`st job in early February (within 60 days!). Mindy helped to re-write her resume, LinkedIn profile and guided her thru job application’s and one on one Interview coaching. With her new confidence soon followed her 1st job offer. Landing a job after college graduation is not guaranteed by any university and can be a trying and difficult time for a young adult as well as the parents. Mindy helped transition my daughter thru this in a productive way that left her with renewed self-confidence, her 1st job and parents who’s worry now was why she needs to move to her own apartment as opposed to if she would.
19:14 15 Jan 15
I am so glad I found Mindy Thomas' Career Consulting Company. I was nervous going into the work world as an upcoming college graduate. I was also skeptical of finding a coach online. A leap of faith led me to call her. I initially spoke with her about my goals and her services, despite her busy schedule she made me a top priority. From day one she blew my expectations away and when we met it was as if we knew each other for months. She eased my mind and built my confidence while getting to know me. Mindy was able to better define my skill sets, strengths and weaknesses based upon my limited experience. Mindy was also very thorough and we stayed in contact via email almost everyday. Her flexibility and open-mind allowed for changes to be made in anything we collaborated on - resume, cover letter, etc.As we were going over the interview process together, I could tell she was very knowledgable and stayed current in her field. Being of the younger generation, it was refreshing to hear the importance of social media exposure when job searching/applying. Her years of expertise had comforted me through various success stories she had at her consulting firm. I would 100% recommend Mindy - I owe it to her for helping me conquer the next chapter of my journey.
Tamsin Bencivengo
Tamsin B.
19:29 08 Dec 14
As an HR professional in Talent Acquisition I am more that familiar with resumes, good ones, and ones that could use a little help. When I decided to advance my career I wanted a professional resume writer to take a look at my resume knowing just how important it is to have a professional resume that highlights your skills and experience appropriately . I did some research and discovered Mindy and I am so glad I did. Mindy knows her stuff and is an absolute delight to work with. She spent a lot of time to get to know me, my skills, and the skill-sets of the positions I was looking to apply to. I am not being overly dramatic when I say the end result was a resume that is a piece of art! Seriously! I have a great background and an absolute love for what I do and Mindy nailed it. I had many responses to my applications and a new position within a few weeks.
Kathleen Fallon
Kathleen F.
12:40 21 Sep 14
Working with Mindy was the best thing I did for my career. Without thinking about it I had my career in auto pilot and was not moving forward. I did career counseling and really reignited my career passion. I also worked with Mindy to redo my resume. She has a great talent for identifying and highlighting talents and skills I have forgotten or taken for granted. I consider my time spent with Mindy as the best investment I have made in my career in years!
Andrew S
Andrew S
11:29 25 Aug 14
Stuck! Is the best way to describe the situation my career was in, until I met Mindy! First off she is the nicest and most positive women you will ever meet. One might feel a little embarrassed and hesitant about wanting to sit down with a career coach. I will be first of many to tell you to DO IT and DO IT with Thomas Career Consulting. Life is too short to be in a position/ job that you makes you unhappy. She made me feel important and positive about my situation. Throughout the past 2 years I have used Mindy as a mentor, confidant, and friend. I feel that she has a way of inspiring you to realize your potential and is a positive push for change in your life. Even if you think you are happy with your day-to-day grind, but you have thought, “Is there something more” then give Mindy a ring. Trust me you won’t regret it!
Angelina LazoStefanini
Angelina L.
13:49 12 Jun 14
Before hiring Mindy to by my career coach, i interviewed at least four other career counselors, psychologists doing career testing and the like. Hands down, i felt from the beginning that Mindy at Thomas Career Consulting has developed a system and an approach that is a cut above the rest. When choosing who to work with, there really was no competition in my mind. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor and after 10 plus years of growing and moving up in my career, i knew that i needed to change careers -- what a daunting task! If you put the work into pursuing your new career goals and self-assessment and doing the career searching and homework, Mindy will get invested in you and will be your biggest cheerleader. You will realize you have skills and abilities that you never knew you had. Through the process she will challenge you to reach for better and more possibilities than you have in the past -- and this is GOOD! Best of all, i came away with the knowledge and understanding of how to do this again on my own. I came away with more self-confidence and the ability to look at a job and determine whether it would be a good fit for me and WHY or why not -- this is invaluable. Mindy is pleasant to work with. She is flexible if you need to work at your own pace. I think you can't go wrong investing in career coaching/consulting through Thomas Career Consulting.
Ali Hamlin
Ali H.
22:39 24 Feb 14
It has taken me 2 months to write a review because I got a job within 2 weeks of seeing Mindy! She is amazing! She knows exactly what employers are looking for and spends the time with you to find out what will make you stand out. I had been looking for a job for a year and a half prior to seeing Mindy, and like I said before, about 2 weeks later I had an offer letter in my inbox! I would (and have) recommend her to anyone looking to boost their resume and gain interviewing experience.
Judy Monaco
Judy M.
15:10 14 Jan 14
I can't say enough about how much Mindy helped me with my career direction. After practicing law for many years I was burned out and needed a change. Mindy spent quality one on one time with me, exploring my personal attributes and professional skills to target a career change that made sense for me. It was really an invaluable, eye-opening experience. Mindy is a fantastic coach - very empathetic, focused, caring and supportive - things I needed at a tough transition point in my life. Thanks to Mindy, I discovered why I no longer enjoyed the work I'd been doing and found my true passions. She gave me the self confidence and support I needed to start my own business doing what I love. Well worth the investment!
Adrienne Clark
Adrienne C.
15:04 13 Jan 14
I want to first talk about my career before meeting Mindy. I had been in the Mortgage Banking Industry for 28 years. This industry has been so up and down that I had several jobs and held multiple positions. I was at the point in my career where I didn’t know rather to stay in it or change careers completely. My resume was 6 pages long and my career was at a complete stand still. I decided one night to google resume writers in the Delaware County area. Thomas Career Consulting came up and I went on to the website. The first thing that I noticed was Mindy’s picture and her smile. I did view the website, but I thought to myself she looks like someone I would like to work with, and she’s in my area. The first night I called Mindy she called me right back and we talked and laughed for about 30 minutes. I just briefed her on my career challenges and she agreed to meet with me and help me figure out which direction I truly wanted to go in. When we hung up I knew that not only was she going to help me figure out my career path but she was going to help me create a resume that represented 28 years of experience. My first appointment we spent about 2 hours together. I remember sitting on the sofa in her office thinking for the first time, there is a light at the end of this tunnel that felt like I had been lost in for many years. Mindy’s questions were thought provoking and brought clarity to many areas. She pulled out my strengths and encouraged me to continue to focus on my accomplishments and wins. That was probably the best 2 hours I have spent focused on my career in a very long time. Mindy gave me homework and I did exactly what she instructed me to do, and that was the beginning of building a professional profile that I can be proud of today.The resume Mindy prepared landed me in the position I hold today. It is a management position that has helped me grow on my career path and prepared me for the next level in my Company. Mindy is kind, professional, knowledgeable, highly skilled, compassionate and an expert in her field. I highly recommend her services.
Mark Kealey
Mark K.
02:13 19 Nov 13
My name is Emme Kealey and I hired Mindy Thomas to write a resume for me a year before I was let go from my position due to a drop in business. I was a senior equity trader with the same firm for over 21 years. With the resume that Mindy wrote for me I had six interviews in the first month I was unemployed and I was employed again by the second month! The resume was the key to getting the interviews - it is concise and visually impressive, I could never have written a resume like it myself. If you are considering hiring Mindy Thomas do not hesitate, it will be a good decision.
02:10 28 Oct 13
After practicing law for fifteen years, I reached a point where I knew I needed to do something different; however, how to make a career change and what that path would look like were unclear. When I contacted Mindy and began working together, I felt like I had been given a gift. Mindy helped clarify the next chapter for me in my professional journey. Her skill, attentiveness, empathy, ability to challenge, methodology and energy provided me the guidance and direction I needed but was unable to do on my own. I am now in the corporate world no longer practicing law. Today, I can say I could not be happier and am so grateful to Mindy for her guidance and friendship. I did not know Mindy prior to working with her; however, after having worked with Mindy, I can say with certainty that for anyone looking to make a professional change, working with Mindy is a worthwhile life-changing investment. -Beth C.
Luis Burau
Luis B.
13:30 22 Oct 13
Mindy is where true experience, practical knowledge, practical wisdom and successful results meet with you on resume paper. After having multiple unsuccessful resume versions, a trusted friend highly recommended Mindy to write my resume. Within the first day and first week of publishing the resume she wrote, I started receiving job interview phone calls. She has all the great traits, qualities, characteristics, truly personal interest and very high quality work that very few professional resume writers have these days. Till this day I continue to refer her to my family, friends and people who are in need of a truly great resume writer.
Paul Overstrom
Paul O.
21:10 16 Sep 13
I highly recommend working with Thomas Career Consulting. She took my mediocre high school resume and turned it into a resume I'm confident in sending out. No matter what field of work your looking to get into, her resume writing services and cover letters are carefully crafted to your specific skill set.
J.W. Howard
J.W. H.
17:58 12 Sep 13
I was introduced to Mindy by a very dear friend. The insight and critique she offered to my resume was outstanding! And from there, the breath of fresh air she gave to my resume gave it a whole new life. A life that I hadn't thought was possible.My many thanks to Mindy, and my recommendation to you who are thinking about contact her. It is more than worth every penny and every minute!
Geoff Lorentz
Geoff L.
12:06 11 Sep 13
Met with Mindy at a low point in my career and I signed up to do the Career Counseling/resume writing. I had no idea what to expect and to be honest I was a little bit skeptical. After it was all over, it was an absolutle life changing experience that brought me closer to my goals. Within a week of my resume being published I had several job offers, one which I ended up taking was a ten thousand dollar raise working less hours. My last job was 60 hours a week for less money than I like to admit. I am home more and I make more money and its all thanks to Mindy. I would highly recommend her class, even if you think you know what you want to be, you may be suprised. The class also gives Mindy the ability to see everything you can offer which leads to a much better resume. When Mindy writes a resume you can not even imagine the creativity and care she puts into it. When she was done mine it was a work of art. I can not thank her enough for everything. It took me almost two months to write this everytime I set down to do it I could not do the experience justice and I still haven't.
Doreen Overstrom
Doreen O.
19:44 26 Aug 13
Our son graduated from college last year, and we wanted to help him with his career search. While he has been employed throughout the year, we felt that he needed additional assistance in landing permanent employment. We are so pleased that our son has worked with Mindy. Mindy's positive energy and career coaching is superb. Through Mindy's guidance, career coaching, and excellent writing skills, she was able to prepare a full marketing package. Our son is now prepared to embark on his career search and start the interview process. We will keep you posted on his progress to land the position of his dreams. Thank you, Mindy!Best regards,Doreen and Greg Overstrom
Shaun Moran
Shaun M.
21:13 24 Jul 13
Mindy is a true lifesaver/ career-saver and I would highly recommend Thomas Career Consulting Services!Mindy helped me at a critical time in my career when I was feeling insecure and lacking self-confidence in the workplace. I was questioning what I should be doing with my career, what are my strengths, what job/organization is the best fit for me, what do I enjoy doing, what environment do I excel in, and many more. Through several in-depth conversations and self assessment work with Mindy I was able to identify my strengths, what values to focus on in finding my next position and the optimal organizational culture to grow within. Through this process of self reflection, I was able to identify, pursue and land a job in just 6 weeks! The best part is that Mindy is there with you through the entire job search process, providing resources/links, interview tips, questions to ask and even helped with salary negotiations. Totally full service at all times!Mindy's positive energy, spirit, motivation, expert advice and direction allowed me to gain my confidence back, make decisions and overall to be happy with myself again (both personally and professionally).I am grateful to have met Mindy, it was exactly the right time and place in my life and career. Thank you SO much!
Kiran Menon
Kiran M.
01:11 08 Jul 13
I needed some expert advice when I decided to leave my place of employment after 18 years. Mindy met with me and put pieces of my resume and cover letter together by drawing me into a dialogue. It felt more like putting together a puzzle than a tedious process. Getting my resume updated has never felt so thorough or effortless. I got my CIO position withing 2 months of meeting with Mindy. It was the best investment I made in my career. I would highly recommend Thomas Career Consulting to anyone who is serious about a career move.
S. George
S. G.
22:24 29 May 13
One word to describe Mindy's resume writing ability - FIERCE!! I highly recommend Mindy to anyone who wants to have their resume completely "transformed". So here is what you can look forward to:1. Your resume will be UNIQUE...YES UNIQUE! None of that cookie cutter "lack of personality kind of resume."2. Prompt feedback and very professional engagement3. A resume that will highlight your ABILITIES/AREAS OF EXPERTISE that you never thought you had. Mindy is very good at asking the RIGHT questions in order to learn and understand who you are, what you've you've done it! I just received my FINAL PRODUCT and I'm thrilled to showcase it to prospective employers...and friends of course :-). Mindy...much thanks from the bottom of my heart! Will keep you posted when I land my job with your resume.
Hope Nichols
Hope N.
21:46 20 May 13
Mindy provides the perfect balance of structure, support, and creativity in her work. The end result is an accurate, informative, well thought out resume that provides any future employer with a clear snapshot of a potential employee-even before a first interview is scheduled. Mindy is professional, experienced, insightful, and most of aIl I found that in working with her- she will go the extra mile to make sure that your resume, and cover letter get noticed! Mindy's services are truly superb!Hope Nichols, MA, LMFT
St. Martin Torrence
St. Martin T.
20:10 13 May 13
I am an attorney and I work for city government. Approximately a year ago, I had reached the end of my proverbial rope. I felt as if I was going nowhere in my career. After I had had enough, I decided to look for a resume writer or just anything....I needed to get out of my current situation quickly. I looked online and just searched around. I stumbled across these reviews (which is one of the reasons I am writing one) and called Mindy. After the initial telephone call, I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off of my chest. I probably could have stopped there, but I wanted to change my situationMindy decided the best course of action was to go through career counseling and then a resume re-write. I went through the sessions which were a mix of therapy (although this is not a therapy service...I personally think it is simply a by-product of the exercises you go through), and career soul searching. She gives you homework and more self-evaluation exercises. After I went through that whole process with her, I was clear about my career goals and how I should go about achieving them.I will divulge a little anecdote about my experience. I paid for a certain amount of sessions and pretty much felt I was done with what I needed. It may have been a few months and Mindy still kept in touch and wanted me to finish my exercises. I only include this because we have all gone to a variety of people in the service industry whether it be an auto mechanic, lawyer, or vet. Typically no one is going to chase you down and tell you ," haven't gotten your money's worth yet!!". I was very impressed with how she handles her business and the customer service aspect of everything. I had a couple of sessions where an hour went over and she didn't kick me out. Mindy changed my way of thinking about interviews, gave me insight on the newest trends, channeled my focus on what careers I am well suited for. There is a review here that says she is your main cheerleader...that's absolutely true. You definitely have to experience it to understand. She lets you know that you're capable of achieving those goals you set for yourself. She also is good for telling you what isn't exactly feasible either. She has an easy and calming manner which allows even the most stone-hearted person to open up about themselves and get to the root of what may be holding you back.My newly written resume has gotten me a few interviews and I feel more confident when I go into interviews armed with the tips and pointers that Mindy has given me. If you have any reservations about calling her up...don' is probably the best call you can make for yourself. She still keeps tabs on you well after you're finished. I don't know if you can ask for anything more.
Lori Enriquez
Lori E.
21:11 30 Apr 13
Although I had a feeling I knew which way I wanted to go with my career, I sought out Mindy to confirm my decision and make sure it was really a good choice. I found Mindy from doing an internet search. Some of the reasons I choose Mindy over other career counselors is that she was very credentialed and experienced! Also, as a woman, I really liked the fact that she was also a mom and understands the many hats a professional woman and mother wear. Before we met in person the first time, I completed some online assessments including the Myers Briggs. I had done this years before, but was really surprised when I came out with the same result almost 16 years later! Mindy is very passionate about helping others and a great cheerleader! She also will bring up any concerns or questions for you to think about as she really has what is best for you in mind. If you are thinking about hiring Mindy, I say go for it! She will certainly will help guide you to your next career steps! I am usually right on with my instincts and she was a great choice for me. As a result, I will be starting my own nutrition and health consulting business. It is very exciting!
Jon Burns
Jon B.
20:47 29 Apr 13
Thank God for Mindy! I simply would not be in my current position, had it not been for her stellar resume writing capabilities and career guidance. At the time when I had approached Mindy, I was a recent college graduate who had been hopelessly looking for a job for about 6 months. In that time I did not even have one interview. I studied labor relations in school. I knew that if I was able to get myself into the interview room I would be okay, but the problem was that I could not even get into the interview room. Mindy changed all of that, and having her on your side during your job search process is truly a game changer! I am now working in the field of labor relations and am tremendously grateful for all of Mindy's help! If you are reading this review because you are looking for a professional resume writing service (like I was at the time), look no further. Mindy is the best out there!
Alexis Krupczak
Alexis K.
21:03 22 Apr 13
There is not enough space on this page to describe all the wonderful things Mindy did for me, not only professionally, but personally as well. I was convinced that I was destined to fail at my job, and I really felt that I was just about to get fired (for the third time...) and I called Mindy. She immediately returned my call, and I knew just by her voice and encouragement that she would be my help and inspiration. Mindy guided me through a lot of self discovery. I walked out of this experience with a new found confidence and appreciation for the job I currently had, and a new outlook on who I really am, and the wonderful talents and gifts I actually possess. Needless to say, I did not get fired, but actually improved my job performance, increased my sales and strengthened my relationship with my boss. The beautiful, "kick butt" resume Mindy wrote me is the selling tool that will propel me to a promotion, or a new challenging job when the time comes. I have been testing the waters, and I have gotten responses to my resume within ten minutes! For anyone who needs someone to help them find their path, or just get back on track please call Mindy! She is a wonderful person, and is truly inspiring. You will get a friend for life, and your own personal cheerleader to get through the tough times. Thank you so much Mindy!
Leticia Esponda
Leticia E.
18:33 20 Apr 13
I came to Mindy Thomas, feeling really frustrated with the response to my job search. I had heard wonderful things about her and being at my wits-end, decided that I had to start from the beginning -my resume. I have to say, working with Mindy, has been an amazing experience. Not only did she invest so much time finding out everything about my professional life, but she translated all of that information into the most amazing resume, Cover Letter and Linkedin page I could have thought of. I just started sending out my resumes and I have had an overwhelming positive response. Honestly, it was the best investment. And the most wonderful thing about Mindy is, that she truly cares about her clients. She will work endlessly, until you are 100% satisfied with her work. Mindy, thank you so much for coming into my life!!!
Bittersweet November
Bittersweet N.
20:32 14 Apr 13
I thank God for the day that I found Mindy Thomas. Honestly, this woman saved my life. I had graduated with my Bachelors degree back in 2007 and a Masters in 2011. Up until April of 2013, I still had not been able to break into my field. I just wanted someone to give me a break. I desperately wanted someone to read my resume and call me for an interview. That had not happened in the six years I had been in the professional workforce. I had become discouraged and depressed, giving up several times over the years. Eventually, something had to be done. I called Mindy one day after being completely fed up with my life and we met a few days later. She helped to completely revise my resume and write me a top notch cover letter. Within a week, I had an interview for a position in my field. Two weeks later, I had landed the jobI couldn't have done it without her. Her services were worth every penny and I would honestly do it a million times over if I had to. I'm now in a position where I make 10,000 dollars more and I finally feel like I am putting my degree to good use. I'm no longer depressed and I am absolutely thrilled with the path my life has taken. Now that I have my foot in the door, there's no telling where I could go!
Elaine Harris
Elaine H.
01:25 27 Feb 13
How do I describe my Mindy experience? Excellent! Going to the web is the norm as a research engine to find what your looking for while you cross your fingers or simply hope your choosing the right listing. Fortunately for me, I chose Mindy's listing and I hit GOLD! I chose her listing over others because she was listed as a certified resume writer and consultant.I left Corporate America to become a stay at home 10 years ago by choice. When I decided it was time to return to working outside the home, I knew I had to seek a professional mentor to get me where I invisioned myself. Mendy = Mentor.Mindy genuinely listens to what you say and hears what you don't say. When you see yourself on paper the way she heard you and believes in you, you can't help but believe in yourself as well. Sending in a resume that captures enough traits and confidence to land interviews and ultimately landing your career interest comes from Mindy's expertise.I landed a position with a Fortune 500 company four months after I sought guru Mindy and I will forever remain truely greatful for her exceptional customer service and attention to all the details. Thank you Mindy for everything! To anyone wondering if they should choose Mindy? Look no further. Mindy will deliver. Just show up to allow her to partner with you and direct you in the right light on paper.
Shannon Lehmann
Shannon L.
19:34 07 Feb 13
Is a professional resume writer worth the investment? If you choose Mindy Thomas and Thomas Career Consulting it is! It is an investment but the result will be worth it. You have to keep your eye on the goal and that is to find gainful employment in this job market. I was laid off three years ago and have been pounding the pavement since. Mindy takes the time to learn about you, your goals, accomplishments, interests, etc. If your current resume is stale and/or you're having trouble putting years of experience together and making sense of it all, Mindy knows how to weave the pieces into an exceptional end product. I love my new cover letter and resume. They have been created in a way that piques the interest of a potential employer. Several potential employers have raved about my CL and resume. I simply say, "thank you". My old resume was getting me sporadic interviews and I wasn't hearing back from the jobs I really wanted to hear from. I can honestly tell you that I've had a response rate of about 90% over the last month since I've started using my new "goods". I need an assistant to keep up with my interview schedule! I have an administrative background so it's not like I'm an executive with tons of experience and earth-shattering accomplishments. I do recommend that if you have awards, letters of thanks and praise from customers, clients, old employers, etc that you bring them with you because Mindy may be able to incorporate that into your cover letter. She did for me and its been a great hook. If you want to make changes by adding or removing something from your resume, nothing is set in stone. There is the ability to get it just right. Mindy knows what she is doing, even if you're unsure. She will provide you with the foundation and tools to get ahead and give you confidence. Mindy rocks and you will too!!! Oh, PS and by the way, I start my new job next week! Thank you Thomas Career Consulting! Sincerely, Shannon
Rene Campo
Rene C.
21:40 21 Oct 12
When I knew I wanted to change careers from corporate to higher education, I went to Mindy for coaching, counseling and résumé advice. She helped me to successfully make that industry jump and I am so thankful. Many services out there offer résumé writing, but Mindy’s enthusiasm is unique. To have her as a cheerleader in your corner when you are going through the difficult and emotional task of job searching is invaluable. Rene Campo, Faculty Member, School of Business Management and Entrepreneurial Studies, Anne Arundel Community College, MD
Sean Chase
Sean C.
21:53 07 Oct 12
Mindy Thomas is an expert in her field. You really do not know your own professional capabilities and potential until Mindy reveals them to you in person, and then makes them shine on paper! After receiving a revamped resume and cover letter my luck has drastically changed. I instantly began to hear from dream employers, and was able to make the big step from application to interview. Many thanks to Mindy for her excellent communication, and her delivery of tangible results!
Saleah Hinton
Saleah H.
13:43 23 Jul 12
There are three things you need to land your dream job! Strength, Courage and a winning resume crafted by Mindy Thomas. From the start, I knew it would be a challenge to find a job in this economy, and even change careers. However, I did not expect it to be such a depressing and daunting task. So after three years of searching, I did the one thing that would change my life and my job prospects for the better: I met with Mindy Thomas and she crafted a stellar resume for me and made me SHINE! When I saw the finished product, I was blown away! My resume portrayed me as the STAR I knew I could be. I finally landed my dream job in health care! Mindy's handcrafted resume helped me land the interview! My skills, knowledge and experience landed me the job!Thanks Mindy!
Jennifer Lyons
Jennifer L.
22:36 29 Jun 12
Is hiring a resume writer really worth the investment? After 6 months and no interviews with the typical college student resume, we knew it was time for some help. I chose to send my brother Tim to Thomas Career Consulting, because beyond just writing a resume, Mindy provided him with the coaching he needed to compete in the job market. The help Mindy gave to my brother was invaluable. With the combination of a new resume and cover letter, Tim not only got an interview immediately, but was working for his new employer within the month. We were so impressed that we have continued to recommend Mindy Thomas to our friends especially to those people who have children who have finished their degree. Without Mindy’s help, I doubt if we would have been able to secure Tim’s IT position. Thank you for all of your help Mindy! It was such an important key to Tim’s success in landing his first position.
Marcy Ireland
Marcy I.
14:17 19 Jan 11
If you're reading this means you need to call Mindy! There is not one person who would not benefit from Mindy's expertise as a Career Consultant. Mindy was recommended to me when I had somewhat hit a crossroad in my career path. I was stuck in a spot where I had no idea where I was or how I'd get out! She was attentive to both my personal and professional needs. She helped me open my eyes...and my the unlimited resources (and choices!) I have simply within myself. In these uncertain times, Mindy is like a beacon of light and hope. The insight I gained through my time with Mindy is an invaluable asset I'll carry with me forever more. There is no doubt about it...Mindy is a must for everyone.
Al Schuster
Al S.
16:37 20 Oct 09
I came across Thomas Career Consulting through a Google search several months ago when I decided to change careers after a layoff. Mindy Thomas not only helped me to identify what career would be best for me, but also gave me the resources and encouragement to be successful. I highly recommend Mindy to anyone looking for career counseling, resume writing and any other career services. - Al, 30, Media, PA


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