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Thomas Career Consulting located in suburban Philadelphia offers expert, comprehensive, professional career consulting services which target specific needs including:

  • Resume Writing Like most people, I’m sure you are probably trying to figure out how to best present your skills on your resume, or you might already have a resume and you’re curious whether you are “properly” represented for today’s market?  Maybe you’re wondering if your resume is good enough to compete in this ever-changing  job market?  We all know that resumes have to do the heavy lifting of helping you to stand out in a pile of hundreds of resumes.  We also know that ATS (applicant tracking systems) are a reality and are here to stay.  The good news is that you will be working with a Certified Resume Writer who will conduct an in-depth interview to identify your “differential factors.”  In fact, this is what really sets you apart from the competition in today’s tough job market. Read More on Resume Writing Services.
  • Career Counseling This service is for individuals who have tried to figure out their next career steps and are struggling in moving forward. They have been almost paralyzed in their thinking because they feel there is no way out. Fortunately, there is an entire career counseling process that exists to help you find your place. Career counseling is a process where we will work collaboratively to determine your interests, values and personality type in order to generate career options for you to consider. Most of my clients enjoy this process since they can gain validation about their feelings related to career issues and move on to unlock the potential to reach their dreams. It is a very reflective and stimulating journey that also requires some hard work.
Read More on Career Counseling.
  • LinkedIn Biographies LinkedIn profiles are one of the most significant components of successfully landing your next position. In fact, LinkedIn profiles are an essential element of the job search and need to be well crafted in order to attract recruiters.  Why? Because recruiters are canvassing this professional networking site (24×7) to locate their next qualified candidate.  Overhauling your profile includes creating a compelling headline, a narrative summary, professional specialities, areas of expertise, education, interests, contact settings and additional categories. Fees range anywhere from $375 to $595.  If you need further validation of the social media revolution, check out a recent blog post by clicking here. Some folks think it’s a fad. The research shows that it isn’t.
  • Career Assessments Career assessments are designed to help you take stock of what you value, not only in a career, but in your life. They are essential tools for laying the foundation for solid career decision making. Most of my clients enjoy this process because they are finally able to understand their career issues. This helps launch the “go for it” phase. People become more optimistic about their life and move forward into the next stages of their career. Read More on Career Assessment.
  • Cover Letters If your cover letter is not designed properly, it could knock you out of the running for a position. These letters must be carefully crafted so that you engage the reader to get to the next page – your resume!
  • Myers-Briggs / Strong Interest Inventory The MBTI and the Strong Interest Inventory are only two of the most powerful career assessment tools used in the world to uncover personality type and career-related interests. Read More On Career Assessment Tests.
  • Interview Preparation When you land that interview, you will need to prepare just like an attorney prepares for court. The research shows the best prepared candidates will always land the job before less prepared candidates. We will work together to ensure you get that offer!
  • Salary Negotiations Tense negotiations accompany many job searches. When you need to bounce your compensation package and think through whether the offer meets your needs, I am here to help.
  • Career Workshops As an adjunct professor at Immaculata University, I have taught for years and love conducting workshops on every topic from “Interviewing Techniques” to “How to Create a Compelling Resume” to “Dressing for Success.” I can also customize workshops based on your organizational needs.
  • Outplacement Services For individuals as well as employers, I can assist in transitioning the unemployed in many areas. This includes handling the termination and grieving the loss to a new job campaign to career assessment and the preparation of resumes including cover letters. Customized packages and reasonable rates are available.

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Please call Mindy directly at 610.937.5632 or email Our offices are located in suburban Philadelphia at 221 North Olive Street in Media, PA, close to Wilmington DE, NYC and Washington DC.