What Can I Expect From Career Counseling Services?

There are many steps in facing the storm of figuring out what to do with your career, but the first step is in knowing yourself.

This includes assessing your interests, values and skills among other very important factors including personality type. It will lay the foundation for the next steps in the process of career exploration.  There are many necessary elements to be able to make an effective career decision. This  includes self-knowledge (components such as your values, interests, skills and preferences) as well as an understanding of the economy, labor markets and employment practices.

Once we have more insight about you, we can brainstorm appropriate options for specific jobs and industries. The next step is to research these options which will provide more clarity about those jobs. Once you know yourself more completely and your available options, you can then begin to make an informed decision about your career goals.


As a professionally trained career counselor, I can help coach you through self-doubt, fear, confusion and other barriers that come with the territory of making positive changes in your life. The role that I will play is to facilitate the process of career exploration or career transition and decision making in collaboration with you.

Upon initial contact, I will conduct an intake session to gain an understanding of your specific needs and goals. If we determine that we are a match, then we’ll move forward. One of the first steps will be for you to take several applicable assessments prior to your first counseling session.  Then, we will meet for four one-hour career coaching sessions and, if necessary, additional follow-up sessions.

One important distinction about working with me, besides having been trained specifically in career exploration with people who lack career direction, is that I am the type of career coach and counselor who will give you 150% . . . whether you are a student, a top executive or simply an individual who is struggling with their career identity and feels lost.

If I sound like the kind of career counselor you would like to work with, you are already in a place of awareness that will allow you to take your first steps toward embracing a more fulfilling career and life.  My hope is that we will become true partners as coach and client.  For immediate information regarding this process, please email me directly at mindy@thomascareerconsulting.com.

To read more about the process of counseling, please click on this link which will take you to an article that explains a little more about the process.


Mindy also offers help to those individuals looking to re-enter the workforce.


  1. How to make the connection between personal and career issues and the importance of understanding the overlap between work and other life roles.
  2. How to promote self-advocacy, eliminate faulty thinking and promote self-determination.
  3. More about yourself.  You will gain awareness through assessing interests, abilities, transferable skills, values and personality.
  4. Gain educational and occupational awareness through researching occupations as they relate to the nature of work, the job market, employment outlook, earnings, educational and academic training.
  5. Learn about decision making, career planning and coping skills.
  6. Develop short and long term individualized career plans. 

Career Assessments

Some of the career assessments that we will be utilizing to launch our in-depth discussions include:

The Strong Interest Inventory
This assessment will identify your top interests and is a very powerful tool to help you make informed decisions about your career. It is one of the top career planning instruments used in the world and focuses on identifying numerous career options and key skills required for you to work successfully. It will also pinpoint the most satisfying career and educational choices for you.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Report
The MBTI Report is the most widely used personality assessment in the world. As a certified Myers-Briggs practitioner, I have successfully used this assessment for years. When we are able to accurately identify your personality type, we can determine occupational choices for you that match your same personality type. Individuals and organizations, including many Fortune 500 companies, utilize more than 2 million MBTI assessments worldwide each year.

The Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation–Behavior (FIRO-B) assessment helps people understand their own behavior and that of others in interpersonal situations. For more than 40 years, the assessment has been used internationally to clarify human behavior  in both business and personal interactions. It explores three basic interpersonal needs (Inclusion, Control, and Affection).

CPI 260
This assessment objectively describes individuals in the way others see them. It measures and scales two dozen interpersonal/behavioral factors in such areas as dealing with others, self-management, motivation, thinking style, personal characteristics, and work-related characteristics.

Contact Thomas Career Consulting for Career Services.
To get started, please call me directly at 610.937.5632
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I am currently accepting new clients for career counseling beginning March 23rd. Recognizing that the COVID-19 situation has brought unprecedented uncertainty and upheaval, Thomas Career Consulting will be conducting resume interviews and career counseling appointments via Zoom or Skype until further notice. 

Our office is located in suburban Philadelphia at 221 North Olive Street in Media, PA and is easily accessible to Wilmington, DE, NYC and Washington, DC.

Fees and Pricing for Career Counseling Package – 4 session package $1,395.00 (includes assessment tools)

* This package includes four, one-hour counseling sessions, career assessments and reports. My office is located in suburban Philadelphia at 221 North Olive Street in Media, PA and is easily accessible from Wilmington, DE, New York and Washington, DC. Should additional sessions be advantageous for current clients, the career counseling rate will be $200/hr. Skype sessions are available.

To view an abbreviated list of industries and positions click and download Abbreviated Industry: Positions List.

Career Counseling Hourly Rate $300.00