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People Are Winning in the War for Jobs

"I just went for it,"  she said.I mentioned that I know a woman who won her dream job by following Tony Robbins Ultimate Success Formula unconsciously. She knew absolutely nothing about the formula I described in my last post. And, here it is . . . the New Year is around the corner and she pull ...

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Winning in the Job Market Today

I love success stories, don't you?  Just last week I heard from my client out in Pittsburgh that she "landed" her dream job. I started thinking about how she was able to win in this treacherous job market.What makes the difference? What else does it take besides a dynamite resume, a strong netw ...

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American Workers Do Hard Time

Every time I hear another story about employee abuse in corporate America or even small companies, I get a knot in my stomach. These stories surface daily in my work as a career counselor and resume writer. I often wonder how the American workers are supposed to sleep through the night when they ...